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FWA News and British Uprising 3 Updates

FWA News and British Uprising 3 Updates



The announcement in today’s Daily Star that wrestling legend Terry Funk will be the mystery partner of ‘The Righteous’ Paul Travell and Burchill at British Uprising 3, has left Greg ‘The Truth’ Lambert feeling well and truly ‘Double Crossed’. understands that ‘The Twisted Genius’ Dean Ayass , manager of Burchill, was secretly at the Double Cross Ranch in Amarillo, Texas, working to secure the services of the Funker, while Lambert was negotiating what he thought was bound to be a favourable three on two match for his team The Triad at British Uprising.

The cocky journalist never in his wildest dreams expected Ayass would be able to find a suitable tag team partner for Travell and Burchill within the 72-hour ‘journalistic’ deadline he imposed on Wednesday – let alone a man with the stature and reputation of the unpredictable Texas veteran. But Ayass had Terry Funk up his sleeve, so the headlines in The Daily Star today will surely have made grim reading for his managerial rival Lambert.

So now at FWA British Uprising 3 it will be ‘The Hardcore Icon’ Paul Travell, Burchill and Terry Funk versus The Triad – Drew McDonald , Thunder and Raj Ghosh . And we at have learned that the ‘middle-aged and crazy’ former NWA World Champion, ECW Champion and WWF Tag Team Champion is itching to get on that plane to show FWA fans there is plenty of life left in the old dog yet. Terry Funk is a truly one of the all-time greats and we at will be honoured and privileged to see him compete in the flesh on Saturday November 13 at Coventry SkyDome.

You can now see what Dean Ayass has to say about the situation by downloading exclusive footage of The Twisted Genius on location in Texas, right here on

As for Lambert’s thoughts, when we approached the furious reporter to ask him about Terry Funk, he only had one abrupt thing to say.

“No comment!”


Mark ‘Five Star’ Belton , after learning that D-Lo Brown will be part of British Uprising 3, has demanded a singles match at the Coventry SkyDome against the former WWE star.

Belton claims he has been screwed over by the FWA for long enough. The ‘Champion of Charisma’ says he has one of the best won-loss records this year in the FWA (which is true, as his victories over James Tighe , Zebra Kid , Aviv Mayaan and Jack Xavier have proven) yet still he was denied his promised British Heavyweight Title shot by Commissioner Flash Barker , who suspended him after he failed to release a camel clutch during his Vendetta victory over Aviv. Then he was denied his promised match with Colt Cabana at Hotwired, thanks to the vehicular sabotage he claims was perpetrated against him by ‘The Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm . Belton says FWA management should do the right thing and give him the chance of redemption, by signing him to face a major international name like D-Lo Brown on the biggest show of his life.

FWA management are mulling over Belton’s request but has learned that a Five Star v Low Down match is far from cut and dried. This is because, yet again, the opportunistic Jonny Storm has thrown a spanner in the works.

We have learned that this week, Jonny finally submitted his Wonderwhirld Tour petition to FWA bosses, which – true to Storm’s recent boasts, which many did not believe – contained thousands of signatures from fans all over the UK, Japan and Ireland, all in favour of Jonny’s reinstatement to the FWA. Along with the petition, The Wonderkid also submitted a request that if reinstated, he should get a singles match with D-Lo Brown at British Uprising – arguing that he never received a rematch against The Master of the Sky High after Brown defeated him at Morecambe during this year’s Crunch weekend. And although the jet-setting Storm is planning to go to his home away from home Thailand shortly for a holiday, he has said he will rearrange his schedule if given the opportunity to wrestle on the biggest British supershow of all-time.

Although in the past, FWA officials have stated that Jonny Storm would not be reinstated into the company, as it would be unfair on his fellow wrestlers – especially James Tighe, who defeated him in the Loser Leaves FWA Match that led to his expulsion – understands that they are nevertheless giving Jonny’s request serious consideration because of the overwhelming sentiments of the FWA fan base. And remember, Flash Barker still owes The Wonderkid a favour, because he promised to reward Jonny after he agreed to step in to replace Five Star against Cabana at Hotwired. But as to which way the booking team will swing – either Belton v D-Lo or Storm v D- Lo – remains to be seen.

FIRST NAME ANNOUNCED FOR FWA GOLD RUSH can exclusively reveal that James Tighe is the first name to be signed up for the 15-man Battle Royal, known as the Gold Rush, set to headline the show at Broxbourne Civic Hall on Sunday November 28.

Remember, the winner of this over-the-top rope elimination match will earn himself an FWA British Heavyweight Title shot in early 2005, and with his recent streak of victories over Jonny Storm, Ross Jordan , Spud and his British Uprising 3 opponent AJ Styles , Tighe is definitely among the leading contenders for the big belt.

In other news from the FWA Gold Rush show, we at have been told that an American star is being lined up for a shot at the FWA All-England Champion on November 28, whether that turns out to be Hade Vansen or Jack Xavier, who meet in a Last Man Standing Match for the second most prestigious prize in British wrestling at Uprising. However, as negotiations are still being finalised, we have no confirmation as to whom that American might be.

Stay tuned to for more information on the November 28 show and more names to be added to the Gold Rush.


Late breaking news – FWA Seasons Beatings has been confirmed for Brent Town Hall on Friday December 10. We will bring you further developments on this in our future news updates.

Here is the full line-up of matches signed for the mega-show to date:

FWA British Heavyweight Championship Match, One Fall, Winner Takes All
The Anarchist’ Doug Williams v ‘The Showstealer’ Alex Shane
If Shane fails to win the title, he must fight Danny Williams in a Boxer v Wrestler Match

FWA All-England Title Match, Last Man Standing
‘The South City Thriller’ Hade Vansen v Jack Xavier

30 minute Iron Man Match
AJ Styles v James Tighe

FWA Tag Team Title Match
The Duke of Danger and Simmons v ‘The Specialist’ Mark Sloan and ‘The Shining Light’ Stevie Knight

Terry Funk, ‘The Righteous’ Paul Travell and Burchill (with ‘The Twisted Genius’ Dean Ayass) v Drew McDonald, Raj Ghosh and Thunder (with Greg ‘The Truth’ Lambert)

Three Way Dance – The Next Generation
Final Eliminator for the FWA All-England Title
Aviv Mayaan v Spud v ‘Little Dragon’ Ross Jordan

Also- D-Lo Brown, Tony ‘Banger’ Walsh and British Uproar pre-show special featuring Colt Cabana.

More matches will be announced in the coming weeks. The card is subject to change.

Ticket prices have been set for FWA British Uprising 3 as follows:

£60 Gold Ringside, £45 Silver Ringside, £25 Bronze Ringside, £20, £15 and £10. There is also a Standard Family Ticket priced at £30 (the equivalent of four £15 tickets – based on two adults and two children of 16 and under, or one adult and three children of 16 and under.) and other ticket options, please ask at the box office for details.