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NPWA Ringmaster 2 Update


North-West Proffessional Wrestling Alliance
Ringmaster 2
29th October 2004

On the 12th October 2004 Brickwall, the No.1 contender to the NPWA Championship and one half of the tag team champions, was assaluted while trainning at the gym, resulting in a broken arm.

This has affected the Ringmaster Card. Doctor Dream will now face Soul Reaper, who is believed to have masterminded the attack.
This match will take place under Boot Camp Rules as it was origionally supposed to be Dream Vs Major Pain.

The position of the No.1 Contendership is now under review by the NPWA Board of Directors.

We expect a statement to be released some time next week.
There are many potential candiates to take Brickwalls place in the
match with Ryan Maiden so it is a difficult decision for the Board.

For full details of the attack and its effects visit, you will also find all the latest information on the Ringmaster 2 event and have the oppertunity to vote on who you think should be the new No.1 Contender.