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UKPW Results – Nye Bevan Hall, 7/10/04

UKPW at Nye Bevan Hall – October 7th 2004 in Hackney, London

Marcus ‘The Toad’ Hiscott vs Chris Wyld

Chris Wyld was disqualified for hitting his opponent with a low blow. Upon realising that he had been disqualified, Wyld grabbed a chair from ringside with the intention of causing serious damage to ‘The Toad’. Hiscott was able to avoid being struck with the chair and knocked Wyld from the ring. Wyld was persistent and again grabbed the chair. At this point, Marcus’ tag team partner, Anton Green, came out and convinced Hiscott to leave the ringside area as Wyld seethed at the match result.

Andy Simmonz pinned ‘Wrestling’s Cool Kid’ Stevie James

With Ian Logan at ringside, Andy Simmonz had a distinct advantage in this match which proved to be an uphill challenge for Stevie James. At one point, James appeared primed to finish Simmonz off with a superkick. However, Logan entered the ring and tried to t! alk Stevie out of hitting the move. Logan was successful in preventing James from striking Simmonz as Stevie turned his attentions to Logan and blasted him with the superkick. This distraction allowed Simmonz to hoist James into a powerslam position and drive him into the canvas for a pinfall victory.

Eamon O’Neil vs ‘The Idol’ Ian Logan

This back and forth contest saw Simmonz return to ringside in the corner of his Towel Boys partner, Ian Logan. As Logan attempted to execute a chokeslam variation on Eamon O’Neil, he was rolled up for the pinfall. This decision was popular with the crowd but not with Simmonz who would make a challenge to O’Neil later in the night.

Ethan ‘The Heat’ Hayze vs ‘The Atomic Ant’ Anton Green

After several minutes of hard fought action, The Towel Boys made their way to ringside, causing a distraction for both Ethan Hayze and Anton Green. The distraction would ultimately turn physical when Simmonz & Loga! n climbed onto the ring apron and were struck by Green and Hayze. Following a double clothesline, The Towel Boys jumped into the ring and pummeled both men. At this point, the match had already been thrown out as a no-contest.

Impromptu challenge match

Eamon O’Neil vs Andy Simmonz

Ian Logan attacked Eamon O’Neil which prompted the referee to call for a disqualificaton. As The Towel Boys continued to attack O’Neil, The Green Machine, Ethan Hayze & Stevie James ran to the ring to halt the assault. Eamon then announced that he would find a partner in order to get revenge on Simmonz & Logan, making the Main Event a 4 Way tag match. Chris Wyld would then come out to ringside and offer to team with O’Neil as a means to get back in the ring with Marcus Hiscott.

Main Event: 4 Way tag team match

Hayze & James vs The Towel Boys vs The Green Machine vs Wyld & O’Neil

The team o! f Chris Wyld and Eamon O’Neil proved to be a very tenuous one. After O’Neil hit slan abhaile on Anton Green, Wyld begged for the tag so that he could score the win. O’Neil refused and attempted a cover. Wyld broke up the pin and again requested a tag. Angered at Wyld’s actions, O’Neil made the tag by slapping his partner and hurling him into the ring before walking backstage. A dazed Chris Wyld would ultimately fall victim to a superkick from Stevie James who made the pin and scored victory for his team. After the match, The Green Machine shook hands with the victorious team of Ethan Hayze & Stevie James.