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FWA Academy Results – Havant – 16/10/04

FWA  Academy Results –  Havant – 16/10/04

1) Mark Sloan (Team Portsmouth) vs Mark London (Team International)
London’s first match as a member of Team International was not a successful one, as Mark Sloan was able to pin him following a Tomorrow Driver. Team Portsmouth thus took the first 2 points of the evening.

2) Morales (Team Invaders) vs Steve Bellenger (Team Southampton)
Bellenger attempted to throw Morales into the ropes, but was prevented from doing so by a quick take-down by Morales. Morales cinched in an STF, forcing Bellenger to tap out. 2 Points to Team Invaders.

3) Eamon Shrahan (Team Portsmouth) vs PJ Black (Team International)
Eamon Shrahan went for the Slan Abhaile, but this was countered into a pump-handle slam by PJ Black. A Swanton Bomb later, and PJ Black was able to pin Eamon, giving Team International 2 points.

4) Jack Storm (Team Invaders) vs Mark Underwood (Team Southampton)
This match saw a lot of heavy-hitting from both men. Underwood was able to emerge victorious, pinning Storm after hitting the TKO. 2 points to Team Southampton, putting all four teams on 2 points at this stage.

5) Max Voltage (Team Portsmouth) vs Aviv Maayan (Team International)
Aviv went to roll through into a pinning combination, but a piece of quick thinking from Voltage saw Max catching Aviv midway through his roll-through, and dropping to his knees. This trapped Maayan’s shoulders to the mat for the 3 count, giving Team Portsmouth a further 2 points.

6) Stixx (Team Invaders) vs Dan James (Team Southampton)
Stixx looked to be in control, lifting James into position for a powerslam; but Dan James was able to grab the ropes, shifting the momentum, and rolled Stixx up into a tight cover, pinning him for the win, and 2 more points for Team Southampton. Stixx was clearly suffering from an injury to his left knee after the match.

7) Dan Head & Max Voltage (Team Portsmouth) vs Rajah Ghosh & Aviv Maayan (Team International)
Max went for the Max Factor on Aviv Maayan, missing Rajah’s blind tag into the match. Aviv held the ropes to block Voltage’s Max Factor attempt, as Rajah grabbed Max and locked in a boston crab. Max submitted, giving 2 points to Team International.

8) Spud & Jack Storm (Team Invaders) vs Mills & James (Team Southampton)
Jack Storm earned Team Invaders 2 points in this tag match, hurling Dan James out of the ring, and then nailing Mills with an Air Raid Crush. This unsuprisingly kept Mills down for the 3 count.

Going into the main event, all four teams were tied on 4 points.

9) Team Portsmouth vs Team International vs Team Invaders vs Team Southampton
Stixx’s knee injury was taken advantage of by members of all 3 of the other teams, and ended up costing Team Invaders the match, as Eamon Shrahan was able to hit a figure-four on Stixx. Stixx’s knee was in no condition to withstand this, so Stixx tapped out, eliminating Team Invaders from the match. Dan Head was victim of a double submission, as Team Southampton’s Steve Bellenger hit a leg submission on as Team International’s Mark London simultaneously hit an armbar. Head had no choice but to submit, eliminating Team Portsmouth from the contest; leaving the match to be fought between Team Southampton and Team International. Mills & James combined to win the match for Team Southampton, hitting Mark London with a pedigree from the corner/reverse powerbomb doubleteam maneouver. Mills pinned Mark London for the win, giving Team Southampton the 5 points, and the victory for the show with 9 points opposed to the 4 points held by the other 3 Teams. Team Southampton retained the Havant Cup, and will look to do so once again on Saturday 20th November.