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4FW Update

4 Front Wrestling would like to make two big announcements for events in November.

On November 26th, 4FW presents “Corunium Carnage” in the Corn Hall, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, at which the second ever 4FW Extreme Deathmatch will take place.

After the great success of Exodus/Dean Christ vs. KOBE/Justine at 4FW  “Blood On The Wall” in August in Wales, KOBE will try to take back his loss against Exodus when he competes in a four way deathmatch, KOBE vs. Exodus vs. The Mailman vs. Rampage in KOBE’s hometown.

4FW will sporadically present these brutal matches in the increasingly short road to the first ever UK KING OF THE DEATHMATCH event in Autumn 2005.

A year in advance, preparation for this milestone British wrestling event is taking place as the 4FW KOTDM Committee work on finalising the lucky (or unlucky?) sixteen who will go through hell to claim the first ever trophy. Names already in the list include The Mailman, KOBE, Exodus, Rampage, MAD MAN PONDO and more.

On the other side of the coin, on November 27th, 4FW appears in its
monthly venue, the Pinehurst Community Centre, Swindon, with the international technical wrestling star, “THE ANARCHIST” DOUG WILLIAMS. The mat genius of FWA/ROH/NOAH and more fame will compete for the first time in 4 Front Wrestling.

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