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Alex Shane And The Young Offenders To wZw Tour Next Weekend

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Alex Shane And The Young Offenders To wZw Tour Next Weekend

‘The Specialist’ Mark Sloan has had to pull out of the wZw ‘Destruction Tour ‘ due to unseen circumstances and this has left a massive gap to be filled in the roster.

Commissioner Gary Graham promised that the replacement will be a big name and the fans will not be disappointed at the replacement. So after lengthy negotiation he managed to book one of the most volatile wrestlers in the UK today, ‘The FWA’s Alex Shane.

Alex Shane is becoming known on the UK scene as the promoters nightmare, with his total lack of regard for anyone who dares step in his path or disagree with anything he says or does.

Earlier in the year at the Loreburn Hall in Dumfries, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts felt the full wrath of Alex in a locker room brawl and the altercation even made it to the national newspapers.

A few months ago at the FWA’s ‘Hotwired’ Show Alex Shane squared up to the heavy weight boxer Danny Williams, one of only a few boxers who have knocked Iron Mike Tyson out. Alex threw loads of abuse at Williams and then spat in the direction of the boxing champ, a massive ringside scuffle broke out and Williams was thrown from the building.

The daily mirror printed the story, with photo’s and the FWA had to make an appology to Williams. Then last week it was rumoured that Alex again had been involved in a backstage scuffle which ended up in him being taken away by the police for questioning.

Alex the power hungry FWA wrestler said he would only be part of the wZw show if he could take the place of Mark Sloan in the wZw International Tournament and will be meeting wZw wrestler Anthony McIntyre in the opening round.

When asked how he felt this match would go, Alex simply replied ‘He will not be walking out of the ring, so make sure you have a stretcher ready.’ He then laughed and then reminded us to what happened to Enigma in Carlisle last February. (Enigma suffered a severe broken ankle at the hands of Alex).

How the fans will react to Alex is anyone’s guess. The updated cards and these supersede all others are as follows:

The Loreburn Hall, Dumfries, Scotland – Fri 29th October 2004.

First Rounds for the wZw International Trophy.
a: Chis Hero Vs Spitfire
b: Anthony McIntyre Vs Alex Shane

wZw Inter-Promotional Title Match
D’Lo Brown Vs General Trent Steel

BCW Tag Team Titles Hardcore Match
Full Pack vs T2K

6 Man Tag Team Action
Nattrass Boys Vs Stevie Lynn, Carbon & Taylor

NBWA Title Match
Juvenile vs AJ Anderson

Final for the wZw International Trophy Winner from match (a) Vs Winner from Match (b) More matches to be announced…..

The Lakes Court Hotel, Carlisle, Cumbria – Sat 30th October 2004. 

Tag Team Match
D’Lo Brown & AJ Anderson Vs The Nattrass Boys  wZw Cruiser

Division Title Match
Shady Vs Stevie Lynn

Tables, Ladder and Chairs Match
General Trent Steel & Iceman Vs Full Pack

wZw Heavy Weight Title Match (5 x 5 minute Rounds)
The Spitfire  vs Anthony McIntyre

Battle of the Borders Match
Highlander Vs Juvenile

Alex Shane Vs TJ Cain

The Young Offenders (Joey Hayes & DDL) Vs T2K

Tickets are selling fast and all ringside seating has gone on both shows, The lakes court hotel show is looking to be a pre sell out show and the Loreburn Hall is already showing promise to beat or match our last show at the venue.

Ticket details can be found on the website at