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IWF In Jarrow, 20th November

Press Release


Neon Club, Jarrow (5 minute walk from Brockley Whins Metro Station)

Sat. 20th November – Bell-time 7pm

Tickets cost £4

IWF Champion ASSASSIN will put his belt on the line against a mystery opponent.  IWF owner ERIC SCARBORO has promised that the opponent will be somebody who is familiar to the champion but has not given out any more information as to his identity.  Whoever the opponent is, he has picked a good time to be challenging the devious champion as Assassin has been pinned, in tag team matches, on the last two IWF shows.

WEAPON X, the Ring of Faith Champion, has been forced to put his title on the line.  X has though, refused to show up if Bobby Jackson is handed the number one contendership.  As a result, IWF management have stated that Weapon X will face ‘BAD BOY’ JED MASTERS.  The champion is said to be very unhappy with this news but has been informed that, since IWF management agreed not to give the shot to Jackson, they will strip Weapon X of his belt if he fails to show up in Jarrow.

This news has not gone down well with ‘UNBREAKABLE’ BOBBY JACKSON who feels he has done enough to deserve a shot at the Ring of Faith title.  After defeating Weapon X in a non-title match, the champion has refused to grant him a title shot unless he could defeat a number of roadblocks thrown into his path.  After beating Nick Damocles and Lee Kyle recently, Jackson has been ‘promised’ a title match if he can beat the joint-submissions specialist LIAM ‘THE PLAYER’ ATKINSON in Jarrow.  Expect a fine match from these two hard hitters in what is a must win situation for the unbreakable one.

THE AVERY BROTHERS are now two-time former IWF Tag Team Champions after losing their titles to HARRY PAIN and CHRIS PRIME in Bedlington on October 30th.  The result was considered an upset and The Averys have asked for a rematch.  Pain and Prime have agreed to this on condition that SHAUN and YOUNGSTA defeat them in two one-on-one matches in Jarrow.  As such, November 20th will see Shaun Avery face Chris Prime and Youngsta tangle with Harry Pain.  Winning both singles matches will certainly be a tall order for the former champs, but it is a testament to their fighting spirit that they will go to these lengths to regain what they consider to be their IWF Tag Team Championships.

November 20th will be a big night for LEE KYLE who will wrestle in his hometown of Jarrow for the first time in over a year.  I received this email from him:

            “Okay, it would appear that my boys, Pain and Prime, will be able to take care of themselves against the Averys, leaving me to concentrate on my own match.  As such, it has not escaped my attention that I can have a bit of a negative effect on crowds at times, in other words, I can be a bit of a knob.  I love this, and ‘being a knob’ has brought me a great deal of success, but I will not do this in Jarrow, my hometown.  I intend to wrestle with dignity and honour and show the people of Jarrow that I can be somebody that they can be proud of.  Do not worry th! ough, once the show is over, and I am wrestling elsewhere, it will be back to the old Lee Kyle you know and hate.”

Strange words from Lee Kyle, lets see if he can stick to his promise of playing by the rules against the mysterious newcomer NICK DAMOCLES.

PAC returned from injury recently and scored a victory over Liam ‘The Player’ Atkinson in a classic match in Bedlington.  IWF Champion Assassin seems to have taken note of the progress made by ‘The Man That Gravity Forgot’ and seems to consider him to be a future threat to his title.  As a result, he has sent his henchman JIMMY BLADE to take care of the gifted aerialist.  It is rumoured that the relationship between Assassin and Blade has become frayed as of late and that Blade has been warned, in no uncertain terms, not to let the champion down.  T! his match will be a huge test for Pac as it will be the first time he has faced an opponent as big and strong as Jimmy Blade.

 In the traditional IWF Junior Academy showcase match, The Junior Academy Champion MAX HEAT will team with highly thought of debutante FLINN DAKOTA to face the newly formed Tag-Team of Former Junior Champ RD WOOD and JONNY HOGARTH, the team known as SPECIAL EDITION.