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Development on Holly/Dupree story

According to new sources about the Holly/Dupree fight at the weekend house show:

Bob Holly had heard earlier in the day that Rene Dupree was without a ride for the show in Syracuse so lent him his rental car so that Dupree did not have to pay a large taxi fare to arrive at the arena. However, Dupree got a ticket on his way to the show and just threw it away. This caused lots of problems with Holly and his insurance.

When Bob questioned Dupree about it he just laughed and shrugged it off. Basically, Dupree screwed Holly over with his insurance records.

Added to this Dupree is said to be hated backstage and is a big stooge for management, reporting any rule breaking he sees. He also is blamed for many recent firings including Billy Gunn’s who is a good friend of Holly.

It is also known now that Holly was punished for his behaviour at the house show when he did a dark match job to Chris Masters at this weeks Smackdown! taping. This did not seem to upset Holly though and he was reported as being seen backstage laughing about it.