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FWA Academy Show Preview – 03/12/04

Mark Underwood (Academy Champion) vs Max Voltage (ranked 1st)

The youngest Academy Champion to date, Mark Underwood, will be looking to make the 2nd defence of his Academy Title against Max Voltage, after successfully defending the gold against Rajah Ghosh last month. Surprisingly, this is Max Voltage’s first ever shot at the Academy Championship. There is certainly bad blood between these two, as back in September Underwood demonstrated the heinous, sickening side of his character that has led to his unanimous unpopularity. Max Voltage was able to defeat Underwood with a sudden Max Factor, but it was the events afterwards that have led to a clear rivalry between the pair. After the match, Underwood hit a TKO on Voltage, and looked set to continue his assault until Max’s tag partner Dan Head hit the ring and threw Underwood out of it. However, as Head tended to Max, Underwood grabbed the ringbell and re-entered the ring. As Head turned, Mark levelled him with the bell, knocking Head out. In October Max became the Number One Contender to the Academy Title, and vowed to extract vengeance against Underwood whether it involved the Title or not. That very show, Underwood decimated Eamon Shrahan to become the 4th Academy Champion. Last month, Voltage retained his Number One Contenders position by pinning Rishi Ghosh, ending Rishi’s career; and will now receive a deserved shot at both Underwood’s gold and at revenge for both himself and Dan Head. Voltage and Underwood are perhaps the two most different wrestlers in the entire Academy, and this match will be an intriguing contest for the prestigious prize of the Academy Title. The last time the two met, Max emerged victorious. All in attendance will no doubt be hoping he can repeat the feat and take both Underwood’s Title, and his record of youngest ever Champion.

3rd Annual Academy Superfight

Participants -: Alan Gallagher, Dan James (ranked 8th), Harry Mills, Ian Logan, Jack Storm, Mark London, PJ Black, Rajah Ghosh (ranked 4th), Spud, Tom Langford.

The 3rd Academy Superfight will be fought for between 10 men on the 3rd December. The rules are simple, 2 men begin, and fight to a finish. When a wrestler is eliminated (by pinfall, submission, countout or DQ) the next participant enters and fights the remaining wrestler. This process continues until all 10 men have competed. The previous winners of the Superfight are James Tighe and Rajah Ghosh, two of the Academy’s finest. Rajah will in fact be looking to win the Superfight for the 2nd consecutive year. The order of entry clearly is likely to have a big hand in determining the eventual winner, unless of course one man pulls off an outstanding show of endurance and adaptability. Victory in such a contest is certain to propel the winner right up the Academy Rankings.

Dan Head (ranked 2nd) vs Dan James (ranked 8th)

Since his enforced split with former tag partner Harry Mills, Dan James has demonstrated a whole new attitude. We all know of the infamous chavs, pikeys, townies, neds, whatever you want to call them; and it is clear that Dan James is most certainly one of them. James will need to be fully focused on the task at hand if he is able to defeat Dan Head. It would be considered an upset for Dan James to acquire victory. Head appears destined for greatness, and has delivered many Match of the Nights already in his career. With his tag partner, Max Voltage aiming to become Academy Champion, Head will be looking to play his part in making the show one to remember for the team.

EntouRAGE (Mark Sloan (ranked 6th) & Ollie Burns) vs James Tighe (ranked 5th) & Aviv Maayan (ranked 3rd)

Last month, Sloan & Burns suffered their first defeat since tagging together; at the hands of James Tighe and Cameron Knite. EntouRAGE immediately handed a request for a rematch to Academy Management, citing their need to prove that last month’s loss was in their words, a ‘fluke’. The match was signed, but with Cameron Knite unavailable, James Tighe found himself in need of a tag partner. Aviv Maayan, upon hearing about Tighe’s situation, immediately volunteered to team alongside Tighe. Aviv has stated that Tighe’s success, and values of honour and respect are an inspiration to him. This respect would seem to be mutual, with Tighe congratulating Aviv for a number of big victories throughout his career. Maayan & Tighe meet Sloan & Burns on December 3rd – will EntouRAGE suffer a second successive loss at the hands of James Tighe?

Academy Rankings

Champion – Mark Underwood

1 – Max Voltage
2 – Dan Head
3 – Aviv Maayan
4 – Rajah Ghosh
5 – James Tighe
6 – ‘Specialist’ Mark Sloan
7 – Eamon Shrahan
8 – Dan James
9 – Steve Bellenger
10 – Paul Birchall

Preview courtesy of: Pau2J