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IWF Results – Gateshead 27th November 2004

IWF Champion made his way to the ring, with a limp and begun to berate his right hand man Jimmy Blade for costing him victories in recent weeks.


Max Heat v RD Wood v Little Dragon v Chris Travis

Junior Champion Heat worked as a team with newcomer Travis to double team Wood for much of this match until, inevitably, the partnership disintegrated allowing Little Dragon to enter the fray with his usual array of hard kicks and aerial tactics.  With all four men in the ring, Heat managed to take advantage of the confusion, hitting a bridging powerbomb to retain his title.

Winner – Max Heat

Nick Damocles v The Sandboog

Damocles, who entered the ring with a mystery man, was looking to record his first IWF win against The Sandboog (Boogie Knights as the Sandman).  However, he found his opponent to be more difficult to put away than he anticipated.  Indeed, it was not until Knights accidentally struck himself with his Singapore Cane that Damocles was able to hit the Sword of Damocles (Fireman’s Driver) for the victory.

Winner – Nick Damocles

Scotty Hex v ‘Unbreakable’ Bobby Jackson

Hex, who was brought in by the injured Ring of Faith Champion Weapon X in an attempt to head off the challenge of Jackson, dominated the match for large portions by grounding Jackson with his size advantage.  However, he became the latest man to find out why Jackson has earned the nickname Unbreakable as he took a lot of punishment before rallying to take the win following a lariat and a 450 splash.

Winner – ‘Unbreakable’ Bobby Jackson

‘Golden Boy’ Cameron Knite v Liam ‘The Player’ Atkinson

Player had been on a long losing streak before this match and faced a tough test against the returning Golden Boy.  The match went back and forth until Knite seemed set for victory, but it was not to be as Knite’s old rival Assassin made his way to the ring.  The distraction was enough for Atkinson to take advantage as he hit a Fisherman’s Buster for a huge, if tainted, victory.

Winner – Liam ‘The Player’ Atkinson


Assassin continued to mock Jimmy Blade and informed him that he would never make a worthy IWF Champion.  After more abuse, Blade could stand it no longer and hit a Cutter on the Champion and vowed to become IWF Champion himself.

Lee Kyle v ‘Bad Boy’ Jed Masters

These two heated rivals ended their feud in a hard-hitting match up in which Masters managed to break out of Kyle’s Mamba Choke twice and Kyle managed to avoid the three after the Masterclass.  Realising that the Masterclass was not going to get the job done, Masters secured the victory with the Masterplan (Last Rites) to take the win and end this six months long rivalry.

Winner – ‘Bad Boy’ Jed Masters


Due to an injury suffered by his brother Youngsta, Shaun Avery was forced to find a new partner.  He found one in the form of Pac.



Harry Pain and Chris Prime v Shaun Avery and Pac

Champions Pain and Prime spent much of the match double-teaming Avery but, eventually, he tagged in Pac who hit the champs with all manner of crazy aerial manoeuvres.  The tag team experience of Pain and Prime told in the end though as Shaun Avery was deposited on the outside allowing Chris Prime to showcase his own agility by hitting the Prime Time II (Corkscrew Shooting Star Press) on Pac to retain the straps.

Winner – Pain and Prime



Assassin v Jimmy Blade

It was evident from the start that these two men know each other very well as both men struggled to gain an early advantage.  Soon though, Assassin went to the legs of the big man and, to boos from the crowd attempted to gain a submission from the challenger.  When he realised that Blade would not quit, Assassin attempted to nail his Contract, but Blade had it well scouted and hit his patented DDT to end Assassins 14 month title reign to a roof lifting response from the capacity crowd.

Winner and new IWF Champion – Jimmy Blade


IWF News and Notes – 2/12/2004

The Next IWF show is at Castletown Club Sunderland on Sat 18th Dec.  Bell-time 7pm, tickets are £4 from club.

Bobby Jackson is demanding a shot at the Ring of Faith title at the show, IWF owner Eric Scarboro has admitted that it may be time to step in and force Weapon X to finally defend his belt against the unbreakable one.

Congratulations to Jimmy Blade on becoming IWF Champion.

I have been unable to speak to the now former IWF Champion Assassin about losing his belt.  He has let it be known that he does not wish to be contacted at the moment; the same can be said of Lee Kyle who has been strangely quiet since losing to Jed Masters.

Weapon X and Youngsta are both said to have fully recovered from their respective injuries and expect to be on the card in Sunderland.  Women’s Champion Phoenix will have to wait a little longer to return from her ankle injury.

No word on who the man was who accompanied Nick Damocles to ringside on Saturday nor whether he will accompany Damocles to the ring in future.

Cameron Knite was said to be very annoyed that Assassin cost him victory against Liam ‘The Player’ Atkinson on Saturday, it seems the feud between these two is not over.

The following are the results from the IWF Junior Academy showcase held early in November.

Lee Kyle bt Boogie Knights by submission.

Nick Damocles bt Harry Pain

Karl Korporate bt RD Wood

Flinn Dakota upset Liam ‘The Player’ Atkinson

Pac bt Paul Dalby

Bobby Jackson bt Little Dragon

IWF Junior Academy Champion Max Heat bt Dave Heat


IWF Top 25 – 2-12-2004

1.  JIMMY BLADE (IWF Champion)

–                     Takes the top spot after defeating Assassin to win the IWF Championship


–           Former Champion drops to number two



–                     His incredible winning streak continues as he goes in search of the Ring of Faith title.



–                     Victory in his grudge match with Lee Kyle puts him firmly back into contention.


5.      HARRY PAIN (IWF Tag Team Champion)

–                     Recently made his first successful defence of the tag belts.


6.      CHRIS PRIME (IWF Tag Team Champion)

–                     See Above


–           Has filed to regain tag straps but has been in great form in singles.


8.       WEAPON X (Ring of Faith Champion)

–                     Missed the last two shows through injury, but as Ring of Faith Champion holds on to a top ten spot.


9.      YOUNGSTA

–                     Missed the last show with an injury but has been on a good run in singles competition.


–           Ended his losing streak with a big win over Cameron Knite.



–                     Defeat against Jed Masters has made him drop out of the top ten.


12.  PAC

–                     Has performed impressively in last two matches despite defeat.


13.  MAX HEAT (IWF Junior Academy Champion)

–                     Defended his title in a four-way; looks a dominant champion.



–                     Impressive newcomer chalked up his first win on the last show.



–                     Only the interference of Assassin stopped him from defeating Liam Atkinson.



–                     Impressionist continues to fight bravely against men much bigger than him.


–           Has failed to win back the Junior Championship, has formed a team with Jonny Hogarth.


18.  PHOENIX (IWF Women’s Champion)

–                     Has been out of action with a leg injury.



–                     Has come close to defeating Max Heat, but has not yet done so.



–                     Was the latest wrestler to find out how unbreakable Bobby Jackson can be.



–                     Has formed a very promising team with RD Wood.


22.  ANGEL

–                     #1 Contender to the women’s championship.



–                     #2 Contender to the women’s championship.



–                     Debutante impressed when losing to Max Heat in a four-way match at the last show.



–                     Showed promise as Max Heat’s tag team partner in Jarrow.