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FWA News Update & Dates For 2005

FWA News Update!

The FWA has announced the first batch of dates for next year’s schedule. This includes the TWC Supershow, with which FWA is affiliated. More dates will be announced, including the date and venue for FWA British Uprising 4 , in the near future.

Saturday February 5 – FWA NEW FRONTIERS, Brent Town Hall
Saturday February 26 – NAME TBA, Broxbourne Civic Hall
Saturday March 19 – TWC SUPERSHOW, Coventry SkyDome
Saturday March 26 – FWA Live at the Morecambe Dome
Saturday April 16 – FWA CRUNCH, Broxbourne Civic Hall
Friday May 6 – FWA CARPE DIEM, Brent Town Hall
Saturday June 18 – FWA Live at the Morecambe Dome
Sunday July 10 – FWA VENDETTA, Broxbourne Civic Hall
Saturday July 30 – FWA Live at the Morecambe Dome
Saturday September 3 – FWA HOTWIRED, Broxbourne Civic Hall
Saturday October 22 – FWA Live at the Morecambe Dome
Saturday November 19 – FWA GOLD RUSH, Brent Town Hall


As you can see, the FWA kicks off 2005 with New Frontiers on Saturday February 5 at Brent Town Hall and already, two huge matches have been signed for this event.

Following his stunning victory in the Gold Rush at Broxbourne last weekend, ‘The Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm will challenge ‘The Showstealer’ Alex Shane for the FWA British Heavyweight Title in what promises to be a mouthwatering clash between two of the most charismatic, outrageous and gregarious characters in British wrestling today.

Ever the opportunist, Storm took advantage of the absence of Simmons (who, after being hospitalised earlier in the week, was not given medical clearance to wrestle) to defeat Chad Collyer and gain a spot in the Gold Rush. Then, after being attacked with a chair shot on his way to the ring by bitter rival James Tighe , the groggy Jonny’s night looked to be over as he was helped to the back. However, he had not been officially eliminated from the Gold Rush, and so as Doug Williams and Ulf Herman were struggling by the ropes, a bandaged ‘Wonderkid’ staggered back down the aisle, sneaked up behind them and leveraged both over the top rope to become the number one contender to the FWA British Heavyweight Title!

Although Alex Shane and Jonny Storm have a long personal history and were once very good friends, the gloves appear to be off already in the build-up to New Frontiers. This past week, the champion made his by-now customary legal representation to the FWA management committee. Shane’s solicitors put forward a proposition, saying that as ‘The Showstealer’ defeated both Doug Williams and Burchill in one-fall matches within the space of a month, he demanded for all FWA British Heavyweight Title matches should in future revert to one fall only, rather than the best of three – including his New Frontiers defence against Jonny Storm. We understand that FWA Commissioner Flash Barker strongly disapproved of this suggestion, saying the best-of-three falls stipulation is in the best traditions of British wrestling. However, acting managing director Elisar Cabrera, as a proponent of ‘new school’ rules, is said to be giving Shane’s proposal strong consideration. A further management meeting will take place very soon for further discussion on this hottest of topics.

Incidentally, now Jonny Storm has been installed as the number one contender to the FWA British Heavyweight Title, he has announced his retirement as the undefeated XPW European Champion and says he has officially vacated the belt to concentrate his efforts on winning the main prize.

The second match to be signed for FWA New Frontiers 2005 will see All-England Champion ‘The South City Thriller’ Hade Vansen put his belt on the line against the number one contender, Spud. Spud of course won the right to challenge for the title by way of his victory in the Next Generation Three-Way Dance at British Uprising 3. Further fuel was added to their upcoming confrontation when Spud eliminated Vansen from the Gold Rush last Sunday. After receiving medical treatment for a badly bruised chest – courtesy of Low Ki in their match at Broxbourne where Hade controversially retained his championship by DQ – Vansen spoke to and vowed to drop Spud at New Frontiers, like the proverbial sack of potatoes.

In other post Gold Rush news…

Doug Williams and Ulf Herman had to be separated backstage by a large crowd of officials and wrestlers after their preoccupation with each other caused both to be eliminated from the Gold Rush by Jonny Storm. Both blamed the other for the fact that now, they are both back to square one in their common goal – to receive an FWA British Heavyweight Championship match against Alex Shane. In addition to this, Doug remains furious at Ulf for costing him the FWA Title at British Uprising and this anger was exacerbated by their tag team loss to Stixx and Joe E Legend at Gold Rush, not to mention what happened at the end of the Battle Royal itself. This could well be the beginning of a heated war between two of the most popular stars in the FWA.

Fans at the Broxbourne Civic Hall may have been confused last Sunday when Jack Xavier ‘s music played over the PA system, but ‘The Brummie Bad Boy’ failed to emerge for the Gold Rush event. It was later revealed that Jack had been attacked backstage on his way to the ring. Xavier was found, unconscious, by Andrew Maddock , our very own webmaster here at, who was quickly joined on the scene by a concerned Tony Giles , Elisar Cabrera and Paul Travell . An ambulance was called and Jack was taken to hospital where he was diagnosed with a hairline skull fracture, in all likelihood caused by a blow to the head with a blunt instrument. Jack Xavier remains in hospital, although he has regained consciousness, and will be out of wrestling for an indeterminable period of time.

In the meantime, acting FWA managing director Elisar Cabrera has launched an internal investigation into the attack, and this week has interviewed every FWA wrestler and member of staff who were backstage at Broxbourne Civic Hall at the time of the incident. As of yet, the results of his investigation have not been published, but we at will bring you up to speed as soon as we know anything.

Alex Shane’s Security Member Leroy Kincade was not best pleased with his colleague Martin Stone in the aftermath of Gold Rush, after Stone eliminated him from the battle royal. Ditto Mark Sloan with his partner Stevie Knight, who were seen arguing backstage after ‘The Shining Light’ – accidentally he claims – flipped ‘The Specialist’ out during the event.

FWA Commentator Nick London may have problems talking for a while after his FWA TV interview with Low Ki prior to the American’s challenge of Hade Vansen for the All-England Title. Our backstage reporter watched as Low Ki grabbed Nick firmly by the throat to get his point across, in a segment you will be able to see when Season 2 of FWA TV hits The Wrestling Channel.

James Tighe is in the doghouse with FWA management after his antics during the Gold Rush event. After Tighe defeated Aviv Maayan with the Texas Cloverleaf, but failed to make the youngster tap, he attacked Aviv again behind the entrance curtain and locked the Cloverleaf on once more, screaming: “TAP! TAP! TAP!” until officials finally managed to prise him off the Welshman. Tighe also illegally re-entered the Gold Rush event after being eliminated by Aviv, to blast Maayan with a Tighetanic, and to cap it all, then ambushed Jonny Storm with a chair shot. Sources close to Tighe say he has become totally obsessed with Jonny Storm ever since ‘The Wonderkid’ was reinstated to the FWA at British Uprising, a mindset that was made worse when Storm beat the odds to triumph in the Gold Rush. The formerly mild-mannered Tighe is said to be raging because his nemesis – who he feels shouldn’t even be in the FWA – is now the number one contender. We also understand that his ally, Mark ‘Five Star’ Belton , was instrumental in encouraging Tighe to take out his frustrations on Aviv at Gold Rush.

The FWA British Heavyweight Title is becoming a real global force. The belt has been defended in the UK, in Japan and in the USA, and now has been put on the line in Australia and Ireland too; thanks – amazingly – to Alex Shane.

‘The Showstealer’ successfully defended the belt while on a working holiday to Australia just prior to Gold Rush. The record books will show he defeated local heavyweight champion Bruce ‘The Boomerang’ Harris in Brisbane in front of a crowd of 2,000 people. Shane also appeared on Australian radio during his tour. Then this past week, Alex defeated another local hero, red-headed heavyweight Seamus O’Shaughnessy , in a heated defence in Dublin, Ireland. Once again, the FWA Champion made media appearances to hype his title defence, including a slot on Irish TV.

With typical arrogance, Alex claims his globetrotting exploits prove he is a true fighting champion, willing to take on all-comers in their own backyard at any time, and this already makes him the greatest FWA Champion in history. As he has only held the belt for less than a month, we at are sceptical at such claims.

Matches showing on Friday night’s UK Round-Up show (9pm, TWC) are as follows:

Spud v ‘The Golden Boy’ Cameron Knite , FWA Live in Morecambe, June 2004

Dirk Feelgood v Johnny Phere , FWA Unsigned, April 2004

James Tighe v Aviv Maayan, IWP in Hull, August 2004

Watch UK Round-Up, presented by Mo Chatra and featuring the commentary of ‘Hardcore’ John Atkins and ‘ Charming’ Don Charles , on TWC this Friday (December 10).

FWA British Uprising 3 will be shown on The Wrestling Channel on Sunday (December 12) as part of the Supercard Sunday show from 8pm.

This coming Wednesday…see you then!!!