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Triple H speaks out

Triple H spoke out on a number of different topics on TSN’s Off The Record show. These included:

– He considers himself a success, but knows he cannot be on top for ever.

– Vince McMahon did not initially approve of his relationship with Stephanie, but Undertaker gave him confidence to go ahead with it.

– He confirmed that Flair was his hero but would sack him if he had the power and needs be.

– He said that making mega stars out of Batista, Orton and Cena is going to take longer than you think.

– He still talks to Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman but not Joanie ‘Chyna’ Laurer.

– He put over Jericho claiming that he could be a big star anywhere.

– Finally, he trashed Bob Holly for his actions in beating up Rene Dupree at the infamous house show, claiming Bob had acted very childish.