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T3C: WWE Armageddon 2004 Preview

It’s the last PPV of the year for WWE and to be honest it doesn’t look like being one of the best. But could we be about to see some new champions crowned on Smackdown? I think we might, on with the preview…

It’s the last PPV of the year for WWE and to be honest it doesn’t look like being one of the best. But could we be about to see some new champions crowned on Smackdown? I think we might, on with the preview.

WWE Title:
Fatal Fourway: JBL v Eddie Guerrero v The Undertaker v Booker T

Could this be the end of JBL as WWE Champ? Oh boy wouldn’t that be the perfect Christmas present! I simply cannot see JBL coming out of this match as champion. The format of a Fatal Fourway match allows JBL to lose the title without getting pinned so he can lose the belt and still retain some dignity. However, I think it’s best for all of us that it’s him who gets pinned and I believe it will be The Undertaker who will become WWE Champion this Sunday.

Why? Well, I simply cannot see WWE putting the belt onto either Eddie or Booker, simple as that. All the rumours point towards an Undertaker V Angle match at Wrestlemania 21 and this PPV will see the beginning of the road that leads to that main event.

Will it be a good match? Well it should be with Eddie and Booker in the match. Vince won’t put the belt on them but he knows they are both valuable members of his team. But what happens to them after this match and what about JBL if he does lose the belt? It seems strange that JBL is given the Basham Brothers (guess that falling out storyline died a death) after Survivor Series. A team of JBL, Jordan and the Bashams could have been used to good effect there. Rumours are that Vince still wants to keep pushing JBL, after all he’s had a tremendous effect on the Smackdown ratings and done oh so well for PPV Buy rates! That worries me, a feud with the Big Show could well be round the corner.

As for Booker and Eddie? This whole brand extension business really makes it difficult for some wrestlers. Eddie has been on Smackdown for a long while now and there’s hardly anyone he hasn’t feuded with. I’d be tempted to turn him heel again and let him feud with John Cena once he’s back on the roster full time. What else does he do? Get stuck in midcard with Reigns or Haas? Booker hasn’t been on Smackdown for quite so long, so still has a lot of life left in him. Feuds with the likes of Carlito once he’s fit again or Kurt Angle could be entertaining.

But I still feel that this is the night that the man from the darkside (with a bit of biker thrown in for good measure) becomes the champion again.

WWE US Title:
Street Fight: John Cena v Jesus

Isn’t the US Title in a mess at the moment? A mixture of injury to Carlito and John Cena making a movie that will bomb, has caused plenty of problems to this division over the past few months. All of which elevates Jesus into a contender and I believe champion inside a few weeks.

You’ll have seen him in ‘Faking It USA’ when he was in UPW as The Hardcore Kid. With Cena off making movies it looks as if the title is going to be his this Sunday.

WWE Tag Team Titles
Dupree/Suzuki v RVD/Mysterio

I have a feeling this could be a night of change on Smackdown as I also believe that RVD and Rey Mysterio are going to get the titles on Sunday. They better do because this feud has gone on forever and unless there’s a change of attitude from one of the challengers leading to a feud, I see a title change here. Actually RVD v Mysterio wouldn’t be a bad match, but I see the appalling Smackdown tag division getting a new champion this weekend. (This was written before this weeks Smackdown where Rey/RVD won the tag-titles)

WWE Cruiserweight Title: Spike Dudley v Funaki

Oh boy what have we done to deserve this? Of all the talented cruiserweights in WWE we get Funaki as the challenger. Meanwhile the Kidman v Guerrero feud gets buried on Velocity and The Hurricane is over on Raw as a jobber to Simon Dean. I’m still not impressed with Dudley and the cruiserweight division is in danger of dying on its feet if Funaki gets the belt. I go for Spike to retain the title here but I wouldn’t be surprised if Funaki did win, after all if Jacqueline can be champ anyone can,

The Big Show v Kurt Angle. Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak

Poor Big Show, he comes back to Smackdown in a blaze of glory but he’s still stuck in rather meaningless feuds. Angle is just biding time before he gets his programme with the Undertaker while Reigns and Jindrak should just be thankful they’ve got a job. Does anyone really care about this match? I go for Big Show to win.

Dawn Marie v Miss Jackie

Aha a women’s match on Smackdown that doesn’t feature Torrie Wilson. There’s a reasonable storyline here and with Charlie Haas as special referee, I think we can all guess what’s going to happen here. Yes it’s time for Charlie to turn, admit he’s been seeing DM and break little Jackie’s heart. Then, of course they can get back together, after all it’s been weeks since a wedding happened on Smackdown.

Finally we have the Tough Enough Boxing match between Daniel Puder and Mike Mazanin. The Tough Enough competition has been a waste of time that’s for sure, in fact you’ll find out exactly what I think of it in the Piledriver Christmas Special. I go for Puder to win but don’t really care that much.

All in all this isn’t looking that good a PPV. The main event should be ok, but the other matches don’t look that promising.

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