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IWF In Sunderland – Upcoming 18th December

Press Release

The IWF return to Castletown Club, Sunderland on Saturday 18th December.  Doors open at 6:30pm with bell-time 7pm.  Tickets cost £4 with four for £12. 

Former IWF Champion ASSASSIN has challenged new Champion JIMMY BLADE to a ‘Dream Partner’ Tag Team match.  Blade has accepted and was informed by Assassin that a second stipulation will be revealed to him on the night of the show.  This did not seem to phase Blade who is said to be determined to fight any opponent in any type of match as he tries to make his reign as champion memorable for all the right reasons.

Ring of Faith Champion WEAPON X was due to finally defend his belt against number one contender ‘UNBREAKABLE’ BOBBY JACKSON on the show but is said to be struggling to recover from a knee injury which has kept out of the last two IWF shows.  Jackson was at first sceptical about this injury but has seen a doctors note which confirms its validity.  To the eternal credit of ‘The Unbreakable One’ he has stated that he does not want his title shot against a half fit Weapon X and that if he wins the Ring of Faith title, he wants to do it with pride and in style.  This is certainly understandable, as having beaten Nick Damocles, Lee Kyle, Liam ‘The Player’ Atkinson and Scotty Hex to earn the title shot, he does not want anything to tarnish his victory.

Both Avery Brothers are booked in singles matches, meaning that IWF management has been forced to find new number one contenders to the IWF Tag Team Champions HARRY PAIN and CHRIS PRIME.  As a result, ‘The Man That Gravity Forgot’ PAC has been asked to find a partner to challenge them.  He has chosen LITTLE DRAGON, which at first chance seems a strange choice as Dragon has spent much of the second half of the year unsuccessfully attempting to dethrone Max Heat as Junior Champion.  However, Pac and Dragon are known to be good friends outside of the ring as well having a similar style inside of the squared circle and will be hoping that this familiarity will help them to bond quickly as a team.  It will have to if they are to win the belts as Pain and Prime are growing as champions with every match.  Whatever happens, expect a stunning aerial display from all four athletes.


‘BAD BOY’ JED MASTERS is on a roll after beating Lee Kyle in a grudge match recently and will face NICK DAMOCLES in Sunderland.  For the past couple of years, Masters has made his home in nearby Washington and has been granted the right to choose the stipulation for the match.  It is a sign of his confidence that he has chosen to compete in a ‘Loser Wears a Dress’ match.  When told about the match, Damocles showed emotion for the first time in the IWF, he was NOT pleased!


LIAM ‘THE PLAYER’ ATKINSON recently ended his losing streak with an Assassin-assisted victory over ‘Golden Boy’ Cameron Knite.  In an attempt to exorcise the ghosts of that streak, Atkinson has asked to return to the opponent he faced at the start of that run and, in Sunderland, he will go one-on-one with YOUNGSTA.  This is a sneaky move by ‘The Player’ as Youngsta has recently been sidelined with an ankle injury, which will leave him susceptible to the joint submission skills of his opponent.  Rumours persist that Youngsta may be returning too early from his injury, if he is, Liam ‘The Player’ Atkinson is the last opponent he would wish to face, as he may be the top submissions wrestler in the IWF.


LEE KYLE was booked to go up against SHAUN AVERY as he attempts to make up for his defeat at the hands of Jed Masters by tangling with Jed’s D-Unit team-mate.  The match may well not go ahead as Shaun has his first child due three days after the match.  I contacted Kyle about this, and expecting one of his trademark lengthy rants was surprised by his response.  He said:

“Shaun might not be able to make it?  That’s fine, I understand, violence is not the answer to our problems anyway, we need a little bit more love in the world.  Peace”

Is this a new attitude from Lee Kyle?  I am yet to be convinced.

If Shaun Avery and/or Weapon X are unable to compete on the show, IWF owner Eric Scarboro has promised replacements.  Names are being discussed but are as yet unconfirmed.

IWF Junior Champion MAX HEAT is said to be furious that he is not booked in a match.  He has been trying to get Assassin to do something about it but has been informed that the former champion has problems of his own.

The ever-popular BOOGIE KNIGHTS will be in action, against who, I don’t yet know, but the big question is not whom he will face, but who he will be.  After bringing the house down as ‘The Sandboog’ in Gateshead recently, Knights (The K is not silent, by the way) must be thinking of ways to top that ‘performance’.

Arguably the top tag team in the IWF Junior Academy will be in action as SPECIAL EDITION (RD WOOD & JONNY HOGARTH) square off with a new team who go by the name of THE WRIGHT STUFF.

Confirmed Matches –

Jimmy Blade & ? v Assassin & ?

Weapon X v ‘Unbreakable’ Bobby Jackson (Ring of Faith Title)

Pain & Prime v Pac & Little Dragon (IWF Tag Team Championship)

Jed Masters v Nick Damocles (Loser wears a dress)

Liam ‘The Player’ Atkinson v Youngsta

Lee Kyle v Shaun Avery

Special Edition v The Wright Stuff.