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wZw Xtreme Xmas II Results – 19/12/02

A longer show than usual, in celebration of Christmas.

Nu Breed Champion AJ Anderson was called out to the ring by Commissioner Gary Graham, who explained that this afternoons show title matches would be decided a little different, names would be drawn out of the hat. A kid from the crowd took a name from the hat and his opponent was Mojo.

AJ Anderson def Mojo and retained his NBWA Title

Spitfire then came to the ring and decided to sing a song to the fans as it was christmas, just as he was about to start Iceman came to the ring with Ritchie Saint. Iceman wanted a sing off like they had last year, spitfire agreed. Spitfire sung very well indeed, Iceman sounded real bad and was boo’d. As the fans cheered for spitfire Iceman and Saint attacked and beat spitfire down. Commissioner Graham made a tag team match for later on in the show.

J Nattrass def Lance Thunder

Spitfire & Dangerous Dave Daniels def Iceman and Ritchie Saint

Next match was set to be a cruiser division number 1 contenders match, with names pulled out of the hat. A fan pulled Iain Robinson’s name out first, then Iain Pulled out Anthony McIntyre.

Anthony McIntyre def Iain Robinson and is number 1 contender for the Cruiser Division Title, when Stevie Lynn has recovered from an injury to his knee.

Micky L def Juvi /wth Tron (Tables Match)

GTS then came to the ring and announced his retirement from in ring competition and as he was the current Interpromotional champion, we would again go to the names in the hat. A child pulled out Super Ted Taylors name first, and as GTS was pulling out the second name, the 7 foot Irish Giant Tron’s music hit and out he came, demanding he be the opponent. Taylor accepted the challenge as GTS was to be the special guest referee.

Tron Vs Super Ted Taylor – No Contest – Tron got very angry at the reffing and attacked GTS, he then proceeded to piledrive hard into the mat and left GTS lying motionless in the middle of the ring. Senior referee Phil Robinson demanded an end to the match, Tron laughed and walked off with the title..

Iain Express Robinson won the Over the top rope rumble and has been given the choice of any one match next year, for any title.

The last show of 2004, and it went down well with the fans, most of who did not realise this was an extended show and the start time was 45 minutes earlier, so what looked like a poor drawing show turned out to be one very busy afternoon of professional wrestling.

I would like to thank all the fans for the support through out 2004, i would like to thank the trainees of the NBWA and finally thank all the wrestlers who have worked for wzw over the last 12 months.

Gary Graham
(co owner and promoter of wZw)