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NPWA Xtreme Xmas Results

NPWA – Xtreme Xmas – Friday 17th December 2004

1. C-Division Championship Match
Necross defeated Lumberjack

2. Interfederational Championship Match
Phobia defeated Barrati to retain the title

3. Vacent Tag Team Titles on the line
D-Dogg and Jason Glory defeated The Brethren to win the titles

4. International Championship
Sean Phoenix defeated The Fireball to take the title

5. Exhibition Match
Doctor Dream defeated The Slayer

6. NPWA Title Match
Ryan Maiden defeated Joey Ace with the Van Terminater

7. No.1 Contendership Triple Threat Match-Winner Faces Champion at
Ringmaster 3-Feb 05

Brickwall pinned James Fury with the Tombstone pildriver while Paul
Andrews was on the outside of the ring.