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IWF REVIEW – Castletown, 18th December

The show opened with a clash between two of the top tag teams from the IWF Junior Academy.

Special Edition (RD Wood & Jonny Hogarth) v The Wright Stuff (Joey & Jordan)

Special Edition showed signs that they are developing into a top class tag team against newcomers The Wright Stuff (Who brought the house down with their ‘New Kids on the Block’ influenced entrance.).  Unfortunately, after five minutes of back-and-forth action, former IWF Champion Assassin and current IWF Junior Academy Champion Max Heat destroyed all four men, meaning that the result was declared a no-contest.

Assassin then called IWF Champion Jimmy Blade to the ring and demanded that he return the belt to its ‘rightful owner’.  Blade refused and promised to find a partner from the Junior Academy to take on Assassin and Heat.

A four-man tournament was announced to find out once and for all who the number one contender to Weapon X’s Ring of Faith title is.


Lee Kyle v ‘Unbreakable’ Bobby Jackson

Jackson injured his ribs early on and has begun to show signs that his body is breaking down after all of the punishment he has received in the past few months.  Never one to pass up an opportunity, Kyle set to work on the ribs of the Unbreakable One.  Eventually though, Jackson managed to head to the top rope but missed his patented 450 splash.  Kyle applied his Mamba Choke but, while on the brink of tapping out, Jackson managed to bridge back and catch Kyle with a quick pinfall.

Winner – ‘Unbreakable’ Bobby Jackson


Liam ‘The Player’ Atkinson v Youngsta

Having just returned from an ankle injury, Youngsta was always fighting against the odds against the submissions specialist Atkinson.  Although Youngsta did gain close near falls with a Blue Thunder Driver and a TKO, it always seemed as though his ankle was still a couple of weeks away from being fully healed.  In the end, ‘The Player’ advanced to the final after executing a Fisherman’s Buster.

Winner – Liam ‘The Player’ Atkinson



Harry Pain and Chris Prime v Pac and Little Dragon

These four aerial artists took to air with all manner of highflying techniques but found themselves very evenly matched.  The title did seem to be in jeopardy when Pac managed to build up a head of steam to dive on his opponents.  He then headed up top, presumably to hit his A-Pac-olypse Now! (630) finisher on Pain but was crotched by Pain and Prime’s teammate Lee Kyle which allowed Harry Pain to notch up a tarnished title defence.

Winners – Harry Pain and Chris Prime


‘Bad Boy’ Jed Masters v Nick Damocles

These two powerhouses put their dignity on the line in a match that both men were desperate not to lose.  Damocles was impressive and almost caused the upset on numerous occasions, most notably after hitting a Chokebreaker and after hitting his Sword of Damocles finisher.  Masters kicking out of his big move seemed to knock Damocles out of his stride, allowing Masters to hit his Masterplan for the three count.

Winner – ‘Bad Boy’ Jed Masters

Realising the implications of this defeat, Damocles ran away.


Liam ‘The Player’ Atkinson v ‘Unbreakable’ Bobby Jackson

With his ribs taped up, Jackson was at a huge disadvantage and Atkinson was merciless in exploiting that advantage.  Using his unusual mixture of submission skills and boxing experience, ‘The Player’ seemed to have this match well within his grasp.  However, Jackson responded like only he can and, despite the incredible pain it must have caused to himself, managed to hit his 450 splash to take a well-earned victory.

Winner – ‘Unbreakable’ Bobby Jackson

Damocles was seen running through the crowd, with Masters in hot pursuit.

Jimmy Blade came out and announced his partner for the main event.

Assassin and Max Heat v Jimmy Blade and ‘Assassin’ Boogie Knights

Boogie Knights, in an Assassin costume, simply made Assassin even more riled than he already was and spent much of the match being dominated by the former champion and his protégé.  Nevertheless, Boogie hung in and even managed to mount some offence of his own.  It was a relief, however, when he managed to tag in Jimmy Blade who seemed to be in the mood to wrap things up quickly.  Sadly, it was not to be as Assassin drilled the champion with a chair shot.  Although Blade kicked out, he was unable to contribute much more to the match, which ended when Assassin hit Knights with a Pumphandle Contract (Flatliner) allowing Max Heat to take the pinfall.

Winners – Assassin and Max Heat

Finally, the locker room dragged Damocles back to the ring in his pretty pink dress and high heels.  It was not a pretty sight.


IWF News and Notes – December 21st 2004

The IWF will return on Feb 5th in Consett Civic Hall in a huge show against the stars of NWA-UK Hammerlock.  There will be more information on this event in the coming weeks.

Jimmy Blade is said to be annoyed, but not surprised by the antics of Assassin over the weekend.  Assassin is known to resort to swinging chairs when things are not going his way.  This Saturday saw the first chair shot in the IWF since Oct 2003, who used the chair on that occasion?  None other than Assassin as he picked up his second IWF Championship from ‘Captain Carnage’ DM Valentine.  It seems that Assassin resorts to desperate tactics whenever he is without the IWF Championship.

Ring of Faith Champion Weapon X and Women’s Champion Phoenix are on course to return from injury within the next month or so.  ‘Unbreakable’ Bobby Jackson has been advised by doctors to take the next month off, however, this will not cause him to miss any shows.

It was good to see Nero join Lee Kyle on commentary over the weekend.  It is hoped that he can be persuaded to return to the IWF in 2005.  He is said to be interested in returning to wrestling and would love to gain the IWF title that has long eluded him.

Congratulations to Cameron Knite who featured on TWC’s UK Round-up recently in a cracker against Spud.

The next news and notes will feature Lee Kyle’s review of the Viz 25th anniversary party.

Courtney Synn and Angel recently faced each other on a show in Manchester.  Synn gained a submission victory with her Cathouse Clutch.


1)      Jimmy Blade – Ready for his first title defence

2)      Assassin – Resorting to desperate measures to beat Jimmy Blade

3)      ‘Unbreakable’ Bobby Jackson – Has Ring of Faith Title in his sights

4)      ‘Bad Boy’ Jed Masters – Continued his winning ways.

5)      Harry Pain – The youngest belt holder in IWF history

6)      Chris Prime – Attempting to build a legacy as Pain’s tag partner

7)      Liam ‘The Player’ Atkinson – Has returned to form with big victories over Cameron Knite and Youngsta.

8)      Youngsta – May have returned too early from ankle injury

9)      Shaun Avery – Missed last show, but good recent form keeps him in top ten.

10)  Max Heat – Junior Champ cracks top ten after pinning Boogie Knights in main event.

11)  Weapon X – Injury drops Ring of Faith Champ out of top ten

12)  Pac – Flyer has been impressive but needs a big victory

13)  Lee Kyle – Needs more luck in 2005

14)  Boogie Knights – A valiant effort despite main event loss

15)  Little Dragon – Almost picked up the tag titles.

16)  Nick Damocles – Needs to rebound from dress embarrassment

17)  RD Wood – Former Junior Champ is concentrating on his tag team

18)  Jonny Hogarth – Team with RD Wood is very promising

19)  Phoenix – Women’s Champ on brink of return

20)  Courtney Synn – Recently defeated Angel outside of IWF

21)  Angel – Needs to regain old form

22)  Jordan Wright – The former ‘Kamala’s #1 Fan’ has improved a great deal as of late.

23)  Joey Wright – Debutant looks to have formed a solid team with his brother.

24)  Cameron Knite – We look forward to having him back in the IWF.

25)  Dave Heat – Gave his brother Max a run for his money on last Junior Academy show.