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FCW News Update – 22/12/04

FCW News Update – 22/12

What a difference a year makes! This time last year Morales was battling the likes of PL4Y and The Judge. Now with the help of “Desirable” Danny D he has transfromed himself into “The Big City Killer”, with a mean streak a mile wide. Cameron Knite knows all about this after facing Morales for the 2nd time in a month this past Sunday. His feud with Spud is far from being settled, but it looks as though Morales is unwilling to put his name down to face Spud, one on one. Sooner or later these two will meet, i just hope FCW can contain the mayhem that will ensue.

Devil’s Advocate – many thought they were a good tag-team. No one knew that they could be just as good in singles competition. Damien Grant has now faced (and beat) both members of The British Connection. Not only beating them, but making them tap out in submission! Saul Adams is no slouch either, he came through on top in a gruelling 4 Way Elimination at Violent Night. With the Tag Title Tournament just around he corner, the Advocate have to be big favourites to go all the way.

Spud is now the #1 Contender to Laken Xander’s FCW Title, much to the chagrin of Rob Hunter. Hunter was never pinned for the title, and feels that there is a conspiracy against him to keep him out the title scene. At “Back To The Future II” on January 30th at Baggeridge, Laken Xander will defend the title against his friend and #1 Contender – Spud.

Speaking of Laken Xander, the FCW Champion has had his differences with Swift Justice in the past month or so, having defended the title against The Judge and Falcon. Swift Justice are now back in the tag scene and looking for the tag gold. Laken Xander is the figurehead of FCW, and is a fighting champion who will defend the title against anyone, anywhere. Whether is be in the UK, Europe or even the United States!

PL4Y have been lacking the edge as of late, ever since Rob lost the FCW title in October. Innocence has been looking for that elusive 4th member, that can make the stable a cohesive unit once again.

The Tag-Tournament will kick off at “Back To The Future II” when The British Connection will take on PL4Y (A-Star Athlete and Kevin O’Neil) and The Party Boys will take on Devil’s Advocate. In the next few weeks we will have news on 2 new tag teams that will be entering the tournament.

FCW would like to thank all it’s fans for their support during 2004, and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.