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FWA New Years Address – 2005

FWA New Years Address – 2005 

2004 was the best year for FWA yet. We gained the much worked for national television deal we had promised, we ran our first arena show drawing our biggest ever crowd and gained national press coverage. Now that we have achieved the goals we set for ourselves some time back we are in a better position to focus on product issues that many of us have wanted to address previously but felt that we as a company were not yet ready to. We will now look to the future and a new set of goals for 2005.

Many of these goals will be able to be seen by our fans a lot sooner than many of our previous goals. This statement is intended to, for the first time, make our plans for 2005 public to let our supporters know exactly what they can expect from the Frontier Wrestling Alliance over the next 12 months.

* A new FWA open door policy. This will lead to an increase in new talent being used on FWA shows on a far more regular basis. This will give the FWA fans the chance to see the best talent from all around the UK and give the crowd a chance to decide who they would like to see back on a regular basis. This in turn will also open the door to many other wrestlers all over England to be seen on a national level.

* A change in the format of FWA Live and TV shows. Due to the advent of the new FWA open door policy more matches will be added to FWA Live shows giving the fans to see more talent on one show. There will still be FWA feature matches on the events but also a few shorter TV style bouts. These will be used to make FWA TV a more magazine style show. This will feature less live matches but be far more up to date even having some matches air within seven days of their recording. These TV shows will be far more storyline driven and feature many more music videos, story line recaps and interviews. We hope these shows will be more entertaining to watch for our fans and also help promote the FWA DVD range and increase live event interest. We were not able to do this with the first series of FWA TV because we were given specific guidelines for the amount of actual wrestling per show. Now that we have met these deadlines and have a wrestling-packed first series in the can, we can concentrate on making the TV show more effective and exciting.

* The FWA DVD range will be greatly increased this year and will become the corner stone of FWA merchandise. With a decrease in feature matches being shown for free on TWC, FWA DVDs will become a major factor again. We will eventually increase the range to two releases a months including major shows, best of compilations and the Official Ring Of Honour range. These will be available not only at live shows but by mail order and on-line shopping.

* A huge increase in FWA training schools around the UK. By the middle of 2005 the FWA will have at least eight schools around the UK even including Scotland and Ireland. This also includes a much welcome return to London early in the year. These schools will all be linked with a nationally recognised training syllabus that will be taught at all the UK FWA gyms.

* An increase in our working relationship with Ring Of Honour including the much anticipated Frontiers Of Honour 2. We plan to do more talent trades and are currently working with ROH to sell the FWA DVD range in the USA.

* A brand new Flyweight division and title to be added to the FWA. This division will feature the best high flyers in the world and give an opportunity to many smaller but yet critically acclaimed wrestlers from across Europe. This will start early in 2005 with a tournament to crown the first ever FWA Flyweight Champion.

* An increase in live event weekends. These weekends will Bring the FWA to not only previous locations like, Newport, Enfield and Morecambe but also many brand new areas through out the next 12 months not only increasing the FWA national fan base but bringing the FWA closer to many of our loyal travelling fans.

* The FWA TV Show Series One to be aired throughout Europe and around the world. The FWA TV department are already in the process of doing deals from Australia to Italy and Japan to Israel. This will make the FWA a truly world wide recognised company.

We would like to thank our fans for standing by us through thick and thin
and promise that as with all growing companies the best is yet to come. We are proud of our achievements in 2004 but promise that we are in no means losing steam if anything it’s the opposite. The FWA management has expanded greatly in the last eight weeks to give us even more hands on deck over the next 12 months. This will not only enable us to manage the FWA more efficiently but also allow us to branch out and expand even more. 2004 was by far our best year yet but 2005 will surpass it by far. We owe it not only to ourselves but to our fans, the next year will make us all proud.