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At Free For All II the war between Ice XVII and “International Pop Sensation” Jayson Mayson will escalate to the next level as the two face off for the first time ONE ON ONE! This has become a major issue; remember that this match was scheduled to take place in December until Mayson brought in International Wrestling Sensation Blake Norton, claiming that Ice didn’t deserve to face Mayson one on one! With Ice victorious at “The Fight Before Christmas”, Mayson now feels he has something to prove, whilst Ice will be wanting to make short shrift of Jayson’s statement that Ice not only HAS never pinned Mayson but WILL never!

3CW has also learned that the McPhenom, Conscience, fresh from decimating Lance Thunder and generally leaving a trail of destruction in his wake in 3CW, will be in attendance, and will be defending his 3CW Championship! The problem is, no one knows who AGAINST, as the Sinners have managed to leverage the powers that be at 3CW into allowing Conscience to select his OWN opponent! It could be literally anyone, it could even be another Sinner – only one way to find out who Conscience selects, and that’s to turn up!

A British Wrestling Legend is set to make his 3CW debut on the 14th, as “Hardcore” Keith Myatt steps into the ring! Myatt, a vastly experienced competitor, will be facing off against the younger “Playboy” Jonny Love on the night, who due to LOSING his own Christmas Challenge, must obey the stipulation from the previous month and CONTINUE to wear a dress to the ring as he wrestles. Love, needless to say, is NOT happy that he must compete against a legend such as Myatt in a DRESS, and many say this may push the some say already unbalanced “Mecca of Manhood” over the edge! Love may be on home turf but Myatt certainly has the experience advantage; a win for Myatt will make an excellent first impression for him in 3CW, whilst a win for Love will be a HUGE feather in the cap for “every woman’s treasure when it comes to giving pleasure” – and it’ll ALSO mean he can lose the dress!!

And finally, we also have yet another huge Title Match, as “Pornstar” Dave Styles will defend his 3CW Young Lions strap against the dangerous White Tiger! Tiger has been immensely impressive in his debut performances, defeating Malice Mascarado at Acklam in November, and then winning a big ten man elimination tag team match at Billingham in December, leading to the 3CW board granting him the first shot at Styles following Styles’ gruelling victory over nemesis Chris Cannon. Some say Styles may be ripe for the picking, but he’ll have to be on his game to defeat Tiger, who’s unbeaten thus far in 3CW. Rumor also has it that cohort Majik may be in attendance, and this can only mean trouble for 3CW’s favorite adult entertainment superstar!

3CW Officials have been searching for a new challenger for the Young Lions Title, and a worthy challenger, in fitting with the magnitude of 3CW’s First Anniversary Show in February. 3CW, searching far and wide, have decided to create an INVITATIONAL FOUR WAY MATCH, with a competitor from FOUR DIFFERENT GROUPS, one being, of course, 3CW, competing for the chance to face either Dave Styles or White Tiger at Billingham! Without further ado, those names are:

Representing The Sinners, William Grange Esquire! Grange has not the greatest win-loss record in 3CW, but the Sinners currently hold a lot of sway in 3CW, and the T-Division Trophy Holder of the Scottish Wrestling Alliance was the selection of 3CW Champion Conscience to represent the Sinners in this match, to try and bring more gold and glory the way of the most dominant group in British wrestling. Grange will certainly also feel he has a point to prove to EdEn, who defeated him thanks to a Malice Mascarado Misting following Grange’s first pinfall victory over his arch nemesis Malice at The Fight Before Christmas in December! Could Grange possibly take the strap that he was so instrumental in ensuring CJ Hunter held not so long ago? It’s a possibility, and he may even wind up facing current 3CW ally White Tiger! Grange also claims to have a secret weapon for this one, so who knows WHAT he’s up to!

Representing 3CW, EdEn! EdEn will be looking for another shot at the Young Lions belt, as many felt he was VERY unlucky not to take the strap from CJ Hunter in October, as he fell victim to a reverse decision. EdEn certainly has issues with William Grange, Grange having quite possibly cost him the Young Lions Title in October, and the paths of the two having crossed very recently, with EdEn befriending Malice Mascarado and seemingly inhereting an issue with both Grange AND White Tiger!

Representing the SWA, Falcon! Whilst 3CW fans have no love for anything Scottish at the moment, an exception may certainly be made for the sensational Falcon, one of the premier young high flyers in Scotland. Falcon made a sensational second appearence in 3CW at Interactive, defeating the huge Brother War as a part of an elimination match before being eliminated himself. He’s a real wildcard in this one, but this could certainly be a make-or-break match for him, and he’ll certainly be giving his all!

Representing GPW, Heresy! Somewhat of an unknown element here, as the North West’s Heresy makes his 3CW debut in a big way. Heresy, a dangerous fanatic who marches to the beat of an entirely different drum, is NOT a popular man in his native Garage Pro Wrestling, and will come in search of yet another scalp to add to a growing list as he aims for the Young Lions Title.

Certainly 3CW Officials have deemed Heresy a potential worthy challenger due to his inclusion, but don’t expect any respect to be reciprocated as Heresy will be attempting to steamroller anyone in his way towards 3CW glory!

Total warfare between four men from very different backgrounds, and expect whoever emerges as winner to have EARNED his shot come February!

And finally onto the Free For All Rumble, this year’s battle royal won’t only involve stars from 3CW, but will also feature talent from all around the United Kingdom. From up north visit SWA stars Aidan Corrigan, CJ Hunter, Eric “The Fist” Canyon, Micken and The Sinners; Adam Shame, Chris Renfrew and William Grange Esq.

Whilst the Sinners have a major presence, you can bet the Dormanstown boys will be looking out for each other as compatriots Chris Whitton, Kid Richie – collectively known as Team Dormanstown – Lance Thunder and Anthony McIntyre are also FFA entrants.

Same may be said for EdEn and Malice Mascarado, who had teamed previously last year. Malice had referred to EdEn and Grange in the 3CW Christmas Message, which may mean he has something in store for them on January 14th, only time will tell.

Also, Damage Control (Flood and “Dragon” Sean MacLeane), Paddy D and JJ Swan from GPW in the North West will be taking part. GPW’s Preston Reunion is available on 3CW Home Video and can be ordered from the merchandise page.

Following the 3CW invasion of MPW, the Midlands Pro Wrestling gang have returned the favour with the arrival of Majik and Mad Mike to name a few. Both of whom will also be a part of the FFA.

The Vegas Connection of Vincent D. White and “Mr. 50/50” Dan Evans will try their luck, as will Brother War, GBH, Stevie Lynn, and the Pop Sensation, Jayson Mayson – who will no doubt be most concerned about his entry number given that although he didn’t get the #1 place at Free For All 1, he seemed quite pleased with number 3.

Chris Cannon, coming back from the Ladder match main event for the Young Lions title at The Fight Before Christmas in Billingham, will be determined to redeem himself following the loss, and there is no better way at FFA than to win the Battle Royal and the #1 contendership for the 3CW Heavyweight Title.

As the first event of 2005, Free For All II could impact the rest of the year for 3CW, and as we draw near to the first anniversary, will Conscience see 3CW’s first year out still holding the 3CW Heavyweight Championship or will this year belong to the winner of Free For All II?

Full Card:

Grudge Match
Ice XVII Vs Jayson Mayson

Young Lions Contendership Invitational Match
EdEn (3CW) Vs Falcon (SWA) Vs Heresy (GPW) Vs William Grange Esq (Sinners)

“Play Boy” Jonny Love Vs “Hardcore” Keith Myatt

3CW Young Lions Title
“Porn Star” Dave Styles Vs White Tiger

3CW Heavyweight Title
Conscience Vs An opponent of his choosing

The 3CW Free For All
30-Man Rumble for a shot at the 3CW Heavyweight Title at the 3CW Anniversary Show on the 14th February.