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Raw results 17/1/05 *Spoilers

This week’s Raw came from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Here’s all the relevent news.

– Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit have a fight with Muhammed Hassan and Khosorav Daivari on the Highlight Reel.

– La Resistance were announced new Tag Champs as they beat William Regal at a house show.

1. La Resistance and Maven beat Shelton Benjamin, Hurricane and Rosey.

– Triple H and Randy Orton brawl backstage.

2. Batista beat Viscera.

3. Chris Jericho goes over Chris Benoit.

– Kane chokeslammed Trish Stratus.

4. Kane versus Gene Snitsky ends in a no contest when Kane chokeslams Gene off the stage and goes with him.