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IWF v Hammerlock, More Names & NWA Title Match Announced

 IWF v Hammerlock, More Names & NWA Title Match Announced

Consett Civic Hall

Saturday 5th February

Tickets – £7, Under 16s £5

Tickets from Consett Empire or Stanley Lamplight Centre (Civic Hall)

Call (01207) 2188 99 for Box Office

Doors open 6pm, show starts 7pm


The first match has been announced as JOHNNY MOSS has agreed to put his NWA-UK Heavyweight title on the line against ASSASSIN.  This is quite a coup as it is extremely rare that Hammerlock agree to sanction a title shot against non NWA affiliated wrestlers.  Assassin has teamed with Moss on a show in Scotland but this will be the first time these two stars have faced each other.

IWF Champion Jimmy Blade has also agreed to place his belt on the line, but his opponent is, as yet, unconfirmed.

The IWF have announced the names of three more wrestlers who will be part of team IWF.  They are SHAUN AVERY, YOUNGSTA and ‘BAD BOY’ JED MASTERS.  Hammerlock have not yet confirmed who will join Johnny Moss on their team, expect more news soon













Hometown – Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Weight – 280lbs

Move(s) – DDT, Blade Cutter, Bam-Bam Big-Elbow

           The current IWF Champion is also the biggest man in the IWF and, like the dignified champion that he is, he has agreed to put his belt on the line against any Hammerlock representative.  Although his strengths lie with his brawling and power games, Blade is also tremendously quick and agile for a man his size.  He was often considered a nearly man, coming close to glory on several occasions before taking the belt from Assassin, amid emotional scenes, in November.

ASSASSINHometown – Blyth
Weight – 263lbs

Move(s) – The Contract (Flatliner (Currently 27 variations)), Total Assassination

           The two-time IWF Champion is the most experienced man on the IWF team.  He wrestled and defeated two Hammerlock stars in 2004 (Paul Vault and Kurrupt) and has also faced Hammerlock competitors outside of the IWF.  Assassin has a vast array of power moves in his repertoire but adds various other aspects to his game to make him a very well rounded wrestler.  Perhaps his greatest strength is his big match temperament; nobody in the IWF is more used to main event situations than he is.

Weight – 228lbs

Move(s) – 450, Jackson Drive (Cut-throat Driver), Multiplex

           Jackson has been unbeaten for many months in IWF competition and has taken some tremendous punishment along the way.  Although he is more than capable of taking to the air, he has improved so much in the past few months because he has rounded out his game to include a variety of hard strikes and suplexes.  Expect ‘The Unbreakable One’ to come out fighting and to be willing to absorb any amount of punishment as he looks for victory in his hometown.

‘BAD BOY’ JED MASTERSHometown – Deckham, Gateshead
Weight – 222lbs

Move(s) – Masterplan (Last Rites), Masterpiece (Leg Muffler)

           Masters is the former head referee of the IWF, only making his wrestling debut in December of 2003.  Since this time, his rise has been meteoric, not only has he come close to winning the IWF title, but he has also begun to find work outside of the IWF.  Nevertheless, Masters is an IWF loyalist who will always call the promotion his home.  He has tremendous power and stamina and his main weapon is his chop, which has been described as causing a whole new type of pain.

Hometown – Deckham, Gateshead

Weight – 249lbs

Move(s) – Blue Thunder Driver, TKO

           Vastly experienced despite his tender years, Youngsta is equally at home in tag team matches or out on his own.  He is a two-time IWF Tag Team Champion with his brother Shaun Avery and they have also competed outside of the IWF in SCW and GPW.  Youngsta has formidable power but is also phenomenally graceful when taking to the air.  One facet of Youngsta’s game that is often overlooked are his technical skills which match up favourably with anybody in the IWF.

SHAUN AVERYHometown – Deckham, Gateshead
Weight – 192lbs

Move(s) – Lariat, Shaun-ing Wizard

           The older brother of Youngsta likes to utilise a strike-based offence and his speed allows him to generate a great deal of power in his kicks, knee strikes and forearms.  Always popular with the fans, Shaun will not be phased should he come up against an opponent much larger than himself as he has both the knowledge and the technical skills to take anybody out of their game and onto the mat.



JOHNNY MOSSHometown – Egremont
Weight – 240lbs

Move(s) – 450, Split Legged Moonsault
           The NWA-UK Champion is widely regarded as not only one of the top wrestlers in the UK but also as one of the top wrestlers in the entire NWA.  Moss is known for his ability to mix up his game by combining a reckless highflying style with solid submission skills and a variety of textbook suplexes.  Since becoming NWA-UK Champion in 2002, ‘The Vigilante’ has proven himself to be a great champion.