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wZw Cruiser Division Tournament Details

wZw Cruiser Division Tournament Details

The wZw Cruiser-Division Tournament Draw..
Today the wZw Cruiser-Division Tournament draw has been made and some very interesting matches have been pulled from the hat. The goal is to be part of the wZw Pyramid Match the following night in Hartlepool, but more on that later.

The draw for the tournament was made at lunchtime today and the following wrestlers will be facing off against each other in our ‘Night of the Cruisers’ Show on Friday 25th February 2005, at Shildon Civic Hall, Shildon, County Durham.

Micky L Vs Spud
Young Micky L, has come a long way in two years and is fast becoming one of the stand out stars of wZw, he is normally in tag team action with his tag team partner and now holder of the Cruiser-Division Title Iain Robinson. His opponent is one of the finest Cruiserweight highfliers in Europe today, Spud the smallest wrestler in the tournament is probably the most experienced in these sort of matches.

Stevie Lynn Vs Anthony McIntyre (Macca)
The breakout star for 2004, Stevie Lynn one of the wZw roster who has been head hunted by the FWA, his style and grace in the ring along with his personality sends the fans wild. Stevie has an arsenal of highflying moves and can finish off any opponent with a mighty Shooting Star Press. Stevie will need a lot more than this to overcome the technical wizardry of Macca. Macca who last year was a running contender for wZw MOTY with his main event match against Chris Hero in Dumfries is a tough opponent and likes to keep the highfliers grounded with technical holds.

El Ligero Vs Shady Nattrass
The young masked wrestler ‘El Ligero’ with a massive heart will face off against the biggest of the Cruisers in this tournament, El Ligero will be hoping his sheer speed will run rings round the hard hitting Shady Nattrass. Shady Nattrass has been told that if his brothers J and XL Nattrass interfere in anyway he will be disqualified.

Darkside Vs Wolfgang
The BCW tag team of T2K have been drawn to face off against each other, this was the worst outcome for them both, but the best outcome for the fans who will be attending the show. They know each other better than anyone else and will give it all to make it through to the next round. These two wrestlers have some of the deadliest moves ever created.

The winners of each match will face off the night after in Hartlepool in what is another innovative idea from wZw to add spice to the Cruiser Division. The match will be ‘The Pyramid Elimination Match.’ This match will be a gruelling killer and only the fittest will and can survive and become the wZw Cruiser Division Champion.

The Pyramid Elimination Match Rules: 4 Challengers and the Title Holder in the Ring

1…The first fall is a simple pinfall, the first competitor to be pinned will be eliminated, the bell will ring and the other competitors must retreat to a corner, while the eliminated must leave the ring area. The ring will be set up for the next match.

2…With 1 table set in the middle of the ring, and two set up outside the ring, the following elimination will be made when a competitor is put through a table. Once one of the 4 remaining competitors has been put through a table the bell will ring and he will have to retreat to the locker room and the 3 remaining competitors must go to the corners while the ring is set up for the following match.

3…The following elimination will be a first blood match, fall count anywhere and there can be no DQ, weapons will be placed in and around the ring area. Once the bell rings it’s the first person to bleed who will be eliminated. Once the third person has been eliminated he too must return to the locker room and the last two must go into their corners and await the set up of the following match.

4…The title belt will be suspended 14 foot above the ring, two 8 foot ladders will be placed outside the ring, when the bell rings it’s the first wrestler who can climb a ladder and retrieve the title that will become the wZw Cruiser Division Title holder.

This is going to prove to be one of the highlights of wZw’s year and will put some of the UK’s finest cruisers together in one tournament that spans over two days. Both shows are due to be filmed with TV Quality camera’s and will feature the new wZw lighting set and giant screen with ringside camera so all the ringside action is beamed onto the screens.

For more information and ticketing details check out the official wZw website at, tickets start from as little as £4.