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UFC 51 weigh ins

The UFC 51 weigh-ins took place at the Mama Mia Theatre yesterday. It had to be one of the biggest turnouts for a weigh-in in history. It was certainly a good indicator for what to expect tonight in the Mandalay Bay Events Centre for the actual show. Here are the actual figures for the weigh-ins.

Vitor Belfort 205 lbs – Looked in solid shape

Tito Ortiz 204.5 lbs – Also in good shape

Phil Baroni 185 lbs – A solid weigh-in

Pete Sell 183 lbs – An average weight

Tim Sylvia 263 lbs – Just under 265 as usual

Andrei Arlovski 238 lbs – Very Trim and ripped as usual

Evan Tanner 187.5 lbs – Weighed in over the 185 limit, but made weight within two hours

Dave Terrell 188 lbs – Also weighed in heavy, but weighed in within two hours

Justin Eilers 225 lbs – Very lean, has dropped over twenty pounds since last fight

Paul Buentello 247 lbs – Much bigger than his trim  opponent

James Irvin 224 lbs – Weighed in lean

Mike Kyle 238 lbs – Lean for a big guy

David Loiseau 184.5 lbs – Weighed in good just under the limit

Gideon Ray 180 lbs – Last minute replacement weighed in real light

Chris Lytle – 170.5 lbs – Weighed in big

Parisyan 170 lbs – On the nose

Nick Diaz 170 lbs – Looking lean

Drew Fickett 170 lbs – Looking built