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MPW Results From Coventry 5/02/05

MPW Results From Coventry

Date – February 5th 2005
Venue – AT7 Centre, Bell Green, Coventry

A returning Danny Oxman, after an absence of 7 months, defeated Chris Stone.

Tag team turmoil (winners stay on):

Imperial Dragon & Ronin defeated Andy Shoes & Edgar Stryfe
Rhyme & Reason defeated Imperial Dragon & Ronin
Rhyme & Reason defeated SFC

World of Sport rules match (6 x 5 minute rounds):

Majik Vs ‘State of the art’ Leon Lionheart

Round 1 – Time expired
Round 2 – Leon Lionheart defeated Majik
Round 3 – Majik defeated Leon Lionheart
Round 4 – Majik defeated Leon Lionheart, to take the win at 2 falls to 1.

Falcon w/ Cage Tyler defeated White Tiger

John Bull defeated Mad Mike

#1 contenders match, for the MPW Central Counties Championship:

Jetta w/ Fan Boy Vs Raze w/ Leon Lionheart Vs Adam Shame w/ Draevyn Vs Nero

Raze got the pinfall on Adam Shame for the win.

Next was the scheduled MPW central counties championship match, with the MPW trainee of the year 2004, Stiro, going against the champion Chris Charizma. Stiro made his way to the ring ready for action, however Chris Charizma, with Draevyn, made his entrance with a neckbrace on. Chris said he was in no condition to wrestle, as he’d recently been involved in a car crash. He showed his doctors note to referee J.J. Yates and J.J. confirmed that Chris would not be able to wrestle. Chris told Stiro that their match would not be happening. Stiro then took the mic and said he understood Chris couldn’t go against doctors orders, however he was still the #1 contender and wanted his title shot down the road. Chris agreed, telling Stiro he’d get his title match. Raze then made an appearance, saying he’d just earned a title shot himself and wanted his championship match, but was willing to head into a 3 way dance with both Stiro and Charizma. Chris then said, as good as he is, he’s not capable of beating both Stiro and Raze at the same time, so then said Stiro and Raze should have a match next month and the winner would then face Chris for the title. Both Stiro and Raze agreed to this and shook hands. It was then seen and heard that Raze wanted a piece of Charizma there and then, but Charizma managed to escape. Draevyn then gave Raze a low blow and pushed Stiro behind Raze to make it look as if he’d done it, before leaving the ring. Stiro and Raze then faced off, as both seemed ready for next months battle.

Hatred w/ Draevyn defeated Psycho Steve

Midlands TKO match:

Samurai defeated Jekkel w/ Exodus, after he got the 3 count on Jekkel and also after Jekkel was unable to answer a 10 count.

MPW’s next show is on March 5th 2005, make sure you head over to for all the details