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Evan Tanner post UFC 51 interview

Wrestling101: I’m here with Evan Tanner, the new UFC Middleweight Champion at the UFC 51 press conference. First of all, congratulations, man. Unbelievable.

Tanner: Oh, thank you, thank you.

W101: You were overlooked in the odds, which was quite frankly rediculous. Many say your title fight along with the Sylvia/Arlovski fight was passed over by a non title main event in Belfort/Ortiz, do you feel that way at all?

Tanner: No, no, I mean, whatever opportunity I get to get out there and get to fight I’m happy with and I’m just happy about getting a chance at the title and winning it, so I’m happy.

W101: Was Dave Terrell as tough as you expected?

Tanner: He was tough. I expected him to come out strong like he did. I just wanted to dance around for a while and let him wear himself out there trying to hit me and I think it worked. He had me in the Guillotine (choke) there on the side, which was a nervous moment for me, but I slipped out and once I got on the side (on the ground), I felt very much in control there.

W101: Well, thanks very much for your time, Evan. Congratulations and you thoroughly deserved it.

Tanner: Thank you, thanks alot.