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Lots of news from wZw. Featured in this release: News on Shildon (25/02/05), Hartlepool (26/02/05), Middlesbrough (18/03/05), New ‘FREE’ Video Download, new DVD and video releases.

Wrestle Zone Wrestling proudly presents ‘Cruiser Nights,’ two shows featuring some of the finest cruiserweight wrestlers in the UK today.

Friday 25th February we return to Shildon Civic Hall, Shildon, County Durham,


Tickets for this show are selling very fast indeed and over 40% of the tickets have been snapped up, tickets are available from the venue or online now and can be purchased on the door on the night of the show, ticket prices start from £4.00.

The card so far for the show:

Cruiser Division Tournament: Winners will face off at the next evenings show in Hartlepool.

Micky L Vs Spud
Stevie Lynn Vs Anthony McIntyre (Macca)
El Ligero Vs Shady Nattrass
Darkside Vs Wolfgang

Iceman vs. Spitfire ©
Heavyweight Title Match, winner will also make his first defence of the title at ‘Town Hall Brawl’ Middlesbrough Town Hall on the 18th March,

AJ Anderson © Vs Lance Thunder
NBWA Title Match, newcomer Lance Thunder will be taking on the long running NBWA Champ of AJ Anderson.

More matches are scheduled to be announced on the night of the show.


Saturday 26th February we return to the Belle Vue Sports Centre, Hartlepool

Interest has been growing for this event even more so after a nearly full-page article on the show and local wrestler Ritchie Saint, tickets are on sale now at the venue, online or on the door on the night of the show, ticket prices start at £6 or a family ticket for £20.

The Card so Far for the show:

Pyramid match – for the wZw cruiser division title.
Winners from the previous nights tournament will face off in a worlds first Pyramid Elimination Match., the rules of this match are below.

The Pyramid Elimination Match Rules: 4 Challengers and the Title Holder in the Ring

1…The first fall is a simple pinfall, the first competitor to be pinned will be eliminated, the bell will ring and the other competitors must retreat to a corner, while the eliminated must leave the ring area. The ring will be set up for the next match.

2…With 1 table set in the middle of the ring, and two set up outside the ring, the following elimination will be made when a competitor is put through a table. Once one of the 4 remaining competitors has been put through a table the bell will ring and he will have to retreat to the locker room and the 3 remaining competitors must go to the corners while the ring is set up for the following match.

3…The following elimination will be a first blood match, fall count anywhere and there can be no DQ, weapons will be placed in and around the ring area. Once the bell rings it’s the first person to bleed who will be eliminated. Once the third person has been eliminated he too must return to the locker room and the last two must go into their corners and await the set up of the following match.

4…The title belt will be suspended 14 foot above the ring, two 8 foot ladders will be placed outside the ring, when the bell rings it’s the first wrestler who can climb a ladder and retrieve the title that will become the wZw Cruiser Division Title holder.

Lance Thunder Vs Chris Witton
Chris will be making is wZw debut, a regular 3CW roster member aims to even up some scores he and Thunder had in 3CW.

AJ Anderson Vs Juvenile
These two have had many a battle in the wZw ring, tensions have been rising in the NBWA training school in Newcastle and a war of words broke out. Commissioner Gary graham decided the only way for these differences to be settled was in the ring and the Hartlepool show was the venue to do it.

Tron Vs ??????
The 7 foot, 28 stone monster from Northern Ireland has decided to put his title on the line and made an open challenge for anyone in the wZw locker room to come to the ring and challenge him. Tron is evil in its purest form and has warned anyone who takes up his challenge be prepared to be demolished.

Other matches will be announced on the night of the show..


Friday 18th March, Middlesbrough Town Hall, Middlesbrough

Wrestling returns to the Boro town hall and what a show wZw have in store, only 2 matches have been announced, more to be announced in the next few weeks. News on the show, tickets have gone on sale and already nearly all the ring side seating have been snapped up, tickets are on sale at the Middlesbrough Town Hall box office (01642 729729), they will also be available online at the wZw shop in the next week, where we accept paypal and nochex online payments.

The Card so Far:

Samoa Joe (ROH) vs. Iceman or Spitfire
Ring of Honour superstar Samoa Joe will be making his wZw debut and will be taking on either Local Lad ‘The Spitfire’ or the European Hardcore Icon ‘ The Iceman’ depending on who is the wZw Heavy weight title holder.

Full Pack (wZw) Vs Stevie Douglas & Alex Pain (wXw)
The tag team sensations of Micky L and Iain Robinson will be back in tag team action, with a totally new look. They have decided that its time to become serious and want to be counted as a serious tag team and wrestle on the bigger stage. Their match back will be no easy task, as the tag team from Berlin, Germany will prove that they and their home promotion wXw are the better. This will be a true England vs. Germany showdown.

Another big name is yet to be announced and a full card of action will be announced in the next few weeks. Rumour has it, a massive Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match is about to be booked and also an old school ‘World of Sport’ Style match for the old school followers of wrestling.

All new Video Download Available from the official wZw website.

There have been a few new downloads added to the website in recent months, the newest one ‘End of an Era’ and shows the history of the now retired wZw Xtreme Title. This video looks back at the matches that have been battled out for the Xtreme Title, this video shows hardcore wrestling in its extreme form and viewer discretion is advised. (Warning the stunts seen on this video must not be copied by untrained members of the public). To check out this and other wZw downloads check out the link below:

New DVD and VHS Releases

Its been a while since we released a DVD or Video from one of our shows, in the next week we will be releasing 2 new DVD’s and Video’s featuring two shows last year on the ‘Path to Destruction Tour’.

Whitley Bay – 27th August 2004 (No Commentary) £6.00 (DVD) & £7.00 (VHS)
Cramlington – 29th August 2004 (No Commentary) £6.00 (DVD) & £7.00 (VHS)

We are also aiming to release the ‘Destruction Tour’ Before the Middlesbrough show, will have full commentary and was filmed with Broadcast Quality Camera’s

Keep checking out the wZw online store for details