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FCW Match Update For ‘Reckless Abandon’ – 27/02/05

FCW Match Update For Reckless Abandon – 27/02/05

Jack names his match for “Reckless Abandon

“Sadistic” Jack Storm this afternoon contacted FCW regarding his match at “Reckless Abandon” against his former tag partner – Dragon Phoenix.
“You know what, no one tells me when or not i’m wrestling, especially not Dragon Phoenix! Ever since i dumped him i’ve felt a great weight has been lifted from my back, you see all this time it was me that carried The Party Boys. Well not anymore, there is no more party poppers, no more feather boa’s and definately no more CONGA’S!!!”

“Dragon, you want a match with me? You got it! Let’s have ourselves a “No Disqualification” match, anything goes. See you Sunday!”

So, the match is now on – NO DQ – “Sadistic” Jack Storm vs “Party Boy” Dragon Phoenix this Sunday at “Reckless Abandon”.