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United State of Wrestling #6

Welcome to issue 6 of the United State of Wrestling and part two of my look forward to WrestleMania 21. The film-spoof ads have started, but what feuds have, on the Thursday night show, Smackdown! Here’s what I see in my crystal ring bell for the major players…

Welcome to issue 6 of the United State of Wrestling and part two of my look forward to WrestleMania 21. The film-spoof ads have started, but what feuds have, on the Thursday night show, Smackdown! Here’s what I see in my crystal ring bell for the major players:

Basham Brothers
Doug and Danny re-appeared after disappearing into oblivion a few months back as the secretary’s of defence to JBL’s cabinet. They soon picked up the tag gold and started what I thought would be a very long run with the title’s, but I was once again proved wrong, when they laid down for the make-shift team of Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio. I can’t really see them having any impact on ‘Mania, unless it is challenging for the titles again.

Big Show
After two consecutive PPV losses in title matches, things are looking down for Paul Wight. The problem with Show is that he has very little talent in the ring thanks to the size of his gut. It will be interesting to see what he does on the show, as he is unlikely to be left out, but he seems on a loose end now. Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns are two possibilities.

Booker T
The five-time WCW champion has never looked worse in the WWE. Feud after feud has stalled and the way his match against Heidenreich at No Way Out was booked was laughable. He ridiculed big John for being scared of Undertaker – someone who Book himself was terrified of just a few months back. Character continuity, anyone? Another guy I can’t see left out of the picture, but who will he face? After No Way Out you would suspect he meets Heidenreich again, but this may not be ‘Mania material.

Carlito Caribbean Cool
The coolest guy in the WWE will not be wrestling on April 3, but will most definitely have something to do with things. His feud with Theodore Long will be over very shortly, but Carlito is someone they want on TV so we don’t forget him. He will be knocking around backstage in one segment or other. Long-term, the WWE see big things in Carlos Colon Jr, and another US title reign should be on the horizon

Eddie Guerrero
Poor Latino Heat. One year ago he was WWE Champion, about to face Kurt Angle in Smackdown!’s main-event on WrestleMania XX. This year he is stuck in the stagnant pond that is the WWE Tag Team division. I think that an imminent heel turn would be the best for Eddie to set up a feud with Rey Mysterio – a match that could steal the show at ‘Mania as they proved in previous match-ups between the two

Up until the last two weeks it looked odds-on that ‘Mania would see a mixed-brand tag between Kane and Undertaker vs. Heidenreich and Gene Snitsky. This now looks like it is down the pan. John bombed as everyone knew he would, ‘Taker now seems to be occupied by other things. The John Heidenreich character will not be on our screens this time next year.

The main event on Smackdown!’s side will feature John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield and that is a true testament to the man who made many pledge to never watch Smackdown! again. Since the day he lifted the gold in a bull rope match against Eddie Guerrero last July, JBL has become the most entertaining man in the WWE. At the time of writing, it is not known whether Batista will join the main event on the blue side, but it is not looking likely. Look for JBL to retain against Cena.

John Cena
Rubbish in the ring, superb on the mic. It is a real mixed bag you get when looking at the Doctor of Thuganomics. It is big for Cena to be main – eventing ‘Mania so hopefully he can pull out all the stops because Cena v Bradshaw does not sound too great so far. It would not be a massive upset if he beat JBL for the strap, but I still think Cena will look at the lights.

Kurt Angle
A match with Shawn Michaels is on the cards. See last week’s UsoW for reasons why. Kurt is still in the top 5 performers in the world, but can he continue for much longer with his beat-up body?

Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak
As predicted earlier, if Big Show has nobody to work with at the show then it could be these two in a handicap, tag with a partner or versus just one (probably Reigns) with the other in his corner. Failing that, a spot in a four-way tag or something. Don’t expect anything spectacular.
Reigns is good on the mic, but not so in the ring, whilst many think Jindrak is terrible at both. I disagree. I think he is better at wrestling than Reigns, and extremely charismatic. I would like to see him get a singles push.

Orlando Jordan
The Chief of Staff has gone from Velocity jobber to Smackdown! regular over the past 12 months and has made the journey seem effortless. He is super-cool and could be one to watch in the future. He won’t be at ‘Mania unless it is assisting JBL.

Rey Mysterio
Rey is lucky he is not in the Cruiserweight division. He should now be gearing up for a ‘Mania match against the superlative Eddie Guerrero if things happen the way I hope. Long-term his act is getting a little stale, and he could do with some new fire inside him. The trouble is he would bomb as a heel. There’s only so much Vince McMahon can do with a luchadore. Even if he is as talented as Rey Rey.

See Heidenreich for what should have been his ‘Mania feud. Now though he is wrestling Jindrak and Reigns something that I feel will come to an end sooner rather than later, after the stinker of a match at No Way Out. Surely now approaching his final run, the Dead-biker gimmick is a bit washy and not really exciting or eerie. He will always be over though and will defeat somebody at ‘Mania.

So that completes a look at both rosters at the run in to WrestleMania 21. Maybe I will be proved completely wrong in everything that I have said. Whatever it is, I hope you have enjoyed these looks into the rosters and will join me again next week where UsoW will resume usual service.

Andrew Morris