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WM21 news & more news *Spoilers*

At this point, there is strong consideration being given to running the rumored Undertaker vs. Randy Orton match as face vs. face. Backstage sources claim Orton actually prefers to remain a babyface, so this should definitely be good news for Randy. Of course, if WWE cannot develop a strategy to work around the obvious conflict of booking the match with both Taker and Orton as faces, they may consider a turn.

Orton is also booked as a face on post-WrestleMania house show lineups, teaming up with Batista against Flair and HHH.

Chris Benoit does not have a very desirable lineup in the coming months, set to wrestle Tomko and Gene Snitsky on the road. In terms of a WrestleMania match, one idea on the table would see Benoit and Jericho take on Hassan and Daivari.

Eddie Guerrero is pushing for a match with Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania, yet he doesn’t want either of them to make a turn before the show. In fact, future house show lineups not only feature the two working against one another, but also as a tag team.