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RBW Competition! Win Tickets For Finchley, London

RBW Competition! Win Tickets For Finchley, London

RBW is giving several readers the chance to win a pair of tickets for this event that takes place on Saturday 5th March.

The bill includes a double main-event, consisting of a grudge match between Sammy Ray and “Flying” Phil Powers and a Championship vs Championship bout between “Misfit” Jorge Castano and Kid Regis.

Also on the bill are “Sensation of the Nation” Rob Hunter, Project Future, “Sadistic” Jack Storm and many other top RBW wrestlers.

To enter, all you need to do is answer the following question:

What two wrestlers will be settling their differences in a grudge match at this event?

Please e-mail all entries to us: stating your name, address and your answer.

This competition closes on Friday 4th March 2005.


Revolution British Wrestling

Finchley Sea Cadets, 184a Long Lane, Finchley, London, N3.

Saturday 5th March 2005
Doors Open at 7.30pm. Event Begins at 8.00pm. Show Ends at 10.00pm.

Saturday 5th March sees the beginning of an action-packed year for the North London town of Finchley, with Revolution British Wrestling making at least four appearances throughout the year.

Finchley RBW wrestling events began in September this past year with a very successful event. Due to high demand, another event was squeezed in during the start of December before the Christmas festive period began.

Coupled with the RBW wrestling events in nearby Chingford (North-East London), these make up the only regular events to take place in the whole of North London, and with the excitement of some new venues to be announced soon, it looks like 2005 will be a great year for every North London wrestling fan!

The first Finchley event of 2005 kicks off in style, with one of the most anticipated RBW clashes between two bitter rivals, the former British Welterweight Champion, Sammy Ray and the wrestler who claims he is taking over, “Flying” Phil Powers.

A huge Championship vs Championship contest is also on the show, putting “Misfit” Jorge Castano and his British Middleweight Championship against Kid Regis and his British Welterweight Championship.

In tag team action we get to see the rapidly rising Project Future tag team take on the new team of “Sadistic” Jack Storm and Dave Maverick.

To top that off, we also have two other singles contests, starring the arrogant J.C Thunder vs Morales and “Sensation of the Nation” Rob Hunter vs Saul Adams.

Tickets for this event are already on sale, and if you are interested in coming along, ticket reservation information can be found below or you can turn up on the evening, with tickets being available at the event.

The Card

“Misfit” Jorge Castano (c) vs Kid Regis (c)

British Middleweight Championship vs British Welterweight Championship

For the first time ever in RBW history, we will see a Championship vs Championship contest between the British Welterweight Champion, Kid Regis and the British Middleweight Champion, “Misfit” Jorge Castano. The winner will walk away with both Championships, and be the first ever wrestler in RBW to be a double-Champion in the singles division.

RBW matchmakers have signed this contest in the interests of the audience, claiming that this contest will have a large amount of depth to it, with so much being at stake, which should see both wrestlers compete at their best.

Kid Regis won the British Welterweight Champion only recently, at the beginning of February, in Chingford, London. Regis defeated the reigning Champion, “The Gift” Ross Jordan in what was considered to be an upset victory.

If Kid Regis can win this contest, it will again be classed as an upset, as he is in there with the British Middleweight Champion, “Misfit” Jorge Castano, who has held the Championship for eight long months.

Castano has unarguably taken on every challenger to the title, defeating the likes of Johnny Kidd, “Wonderkid” Jonny Storm, Dragon Phoenix and many more. It was even Castano who cut short “Anarchist” Doug Williams’ entry into RBW action during the British Heavyweight Championship Tournament, defeating him to advance in the tournament.

While it would be impossible to claim that Castano has defeated everyone fairly, it is unarguable that his talent and ability has been made clear, and he remains to be one of the most competitive wrestlers in the country. With Castano still in the British Heavyweight Championship Tournament, if he defeats Kid Regis for the British Welterweight Championship, and win the tournament, he could become the first ever triple-Champion!

This contest has an interesting twist to it, being the fact that the winner will walk away with both Championships. Will it be Kid Regis who surprises us once again? Or will it be Jorge Castano who manages to take one step closer to complete domination?

Sammy Ray vs “Flying” Phil Powers

Grudge Match

The evening of Saturday 24th July 2004 will be forever remembered for the shocking events of a British Welterweight Championship contest between the reigning Champion, Sammy Ray and challenger, “The Gift” Ross Jordan in Chingford, London. Tension was already high, with both wrestlers having crossed paths on several occasions in the past, and Ross Jordan being a former Champion himself.

Refereeing the contest was British wrestler “Flying” Phil Powers, who was making his first RBW appearance. Powers was already known as being controversial in his own right in the past, yet a touching speech made by him in relation to the recent death of British wrestling veteran and TV actor “Bomber” Pat Roach saw a different side to Powers, or so we thought.

Having officiated all of the evening’s contests, Phil Powers called every match right down the middle, being impartial to all competitors. As the Sammy Ray vs Ross Jordan match approached and Powers asked for the British national anthem to be played, no one was expecting the following events.

The contest took place, with both wrestlers wrestling competitively. Some cheating behind the back of Powers’ back by Ross Jordan saw him retrieve the Championship belt, bringing it into the ring with the intention of assaulting Sammy Ray with it. However he was cut short by Powers who snatched the belt from him and started a heated argument between the two, and then to a huge shock, Powers hit Sammy Ray with it, allowing Ross Jordan an easy pinfall victory and the Championship was won.

Moments later, Phil Powers unveiled his reasons for doing what he did, claiming that he here to take over RBW and to get rid of wrestlers who represent things that are wrong with British wrestling, with his first port of call being Sammy Ray. Powers’ spotlight was stolen by the New Breed tag team member and Chingford hometown star Ashe, who got into the ring and stood up for Sammy Ray.

A challenge was made for the next event in Chingford that November, with Sammy Ray and Phil Powers due to clash. Unfortunately as the event came, neither wrestler was able to make the event due to unforeseen problems. The two clashed briefly in a Battle Royal though in Hitchin, Hertfordshire that October, but little was finished between the two wrestlers.

With months having passed since these shocking events, RBW officials have hoped that the heated situation between the two wrestlers may have cooled down.

A match has been signed between the two for RBW’s event in Finchley, London on Saturday 5th March, which could prove to be one of the most explosive contests to take place in RBW history.

J.C Thunder vs Morales
Singles Contest

One wrestler who unarguably broke out of his shell during 2005 is British Tag Team Champion and Southern Alliance member, J.C Thunder. The arrogant redhead made a lot of enemies throughout the year and scoring some questionable victories over them.

J.C Thunder is also still in the British Heavyweight Championship Tournament after defeating the New Breed’s Curve back in Chingford, London during November. The over-confident J.C Thunder believes that he will be walking away with the Championship this year, as the tournament progresses.

Morales on the other hand hasn’t had such a good time recently. After making a return to RBW action last July (coincidentally against Jack Storm), Morales only managed to appear one more time that year in tag team action alongside Dragon Phoenix who together managed to pick up a victory over the Swift Justice tag team in Finchley during September.

So far this year, Morales has had one singles bout against “Sensation of the Nation” Rob Hunter, in which he was the loser.

Despite a mixed win/loss record, Morales undeniably has the talent to succeed, and perhaps in his attempt against J.C Thunder, he will end up as the winner.

“Sensation of the Nation” Rob Hunter vs Saul Adams
Singles Contest

The year 2003 saw Rob Hunter compete with the stigma of being one of the breakout wrestlers of the year.

Appearing in RBW against the likes of James Mason and Johnny Kidd saw Rob Hunter get to wrestle the top names in British wrestling that to date, he hadn’t had the opportunity to wrestle before.

Unfortunately for the wrestling world, Rob Hunter took a break towards the end of 2003, not returning until May 2004. From here, Rob Hunter competed several times, namely picking up a shocking upset victory over Johnny Kidd in Enfield, London/Middlesex.

2005 has already seen Rob Hunter defeat Morales, and he is looking to make 2005 his year in British wrestling.

Saul Adams is a newcomer to RBW. Debuting recently in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, not too much is known about the Midlands wrestler, other than the fact that he can wrestle, and that he did himself proud in his contest against “Sadistic” Jack Storm.

Adams is a rising name in the Midlands, and we hope that he goes far in Revolution British Wrestling.

“Sadistic” Jack Storm and Dave Maverick vs Riccardo Young and Bobby Hostile (Project Future)
Tag Team Contest

In a tag team collision, the up and coming Project Future tag team once again have a tough challenge, this time in the form of an unlikely tag team partnership in the form of Birmingham’s “Sadistic” Jack Storm and South London’s Dave Maverick.

The team of Storm and Maverick comes as a surprise, with both wrestlers never crossing paths before. For Jack Storm, this will be his second appearance in Finchley following his British Heavyweight Championship Tournament elimination at the hands of Tex Benedict back in September 2004. Storm has since appeared once this year, defeating the debut wrestler Saul Adams in successful fashion in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

Meanwhile, his tag team partner Dave Maverick only has a couple of appearances to his name. Maverick has taken part in extensive training at the RBW Training Centre in Enfield, London/Middlesex, the same as his two opponents. At the centre, the likes of Johnny Kidd, “Misfit” Jorge Castano, “Wildcat” Robbie Brookside, Sammy Ray and many others have played a role in making Maverick an impressive wrestler.

The opposition for them both is the Project Future tag team, making their second appearance in Finchley, following an upset victory in December 2004 over “The Gift” Ross Jordan and J.C Thunder. The team is rapidly rising the tag team ranks in RBW, and look to be “the team to watch” in 2005. The duo recently had a singles contest against each other in Chingford, London in what was a great sporting bout, seeing Bobby Hostile narrowly pick up the victory.

The unpredictable nature of this contest makes it very interesting indeed, can the unlikely combination of Storm and Maverick pull of a victory or will the RBW rookie tag team Project Future once again add another victory to their unbeaten tag team record?

Revolution British Wrestling

Finchley Sea Cadets, 184a Long Lane, Finchley, London, N3.

Saturday 5th March 2005
Doors Open at 7.30pm. Event Begins at 8.00pm. Show Ends at 10.00pm.

Travel Information


Nearest Train Station – New Southgate (232 or 382 bus towards Finchley from there)
Nearest Tube Station – Finchley Central (382 or 143 bus towards Long Lane, at the corner of Squires Lane) or East Finchley (143 bus towards Brent Cross, and then get off at the corner of Long Lane and Squires Lane)
Nearest Bus Routes – 232, 382, 143 all go directly to the venue on Long Lane.


Front Row (All Ages) – £9.00

Adults – £8.00

Concessions (Children Under 16, Senior Citizens and Disabled) – £6.00

Family Ticket (2 Adults & 2 Children Under 16) – £25.00

Please note discounted tickets can be purchased via our Online Payment system below.

Booking Methods

Online –

Telephone – 07950 576063 or 07940 476612
SMS Message – 07950 576063 or 07940 476612
E-mail – (for reserve-only).
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Tickets are also available on the evening of the event.