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Some major names contacted for the ECW PPV, IS there really a war over the ECW PPV?

Despite original reports, it seems the ‘war’ over the ECW PPV is not as intense as once believed. Although WWE would obviously prefer the former ECW stars to work its show and not Shane Douglas’ reunion, there is reportedly no internal expectation that the names contacted will only work WWE’s show. WWE’s focus is solely on the authenticity of the show and not on having a dominant grasp of the ECW reunion market, so they fully understand the former stars are not under WWE contract and might want to work both events. It seems highly unlikely that the previously reported offers to Sandman and Justin Credible, among others, were meant to be ‘WWE exclusive’ offers, although if they were, that will no longer be the case. In short, there is not really a war going on over the ECW reunion. WWE just wants to capture the essence of ECW with its 6/12 PPV.

In addition to the independent names, WWE has also reached out to various former ECW stars that are currently under TNA contract. It is highly unlikely TNA will allow its performers to work the show, but the very fact WWE has contacted names like Raven and Jerry Lynn indicates how seriously WWE is taking the effort.