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IWF Review, Awards Results, News & Top 25

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IWF Review, Awards Results, News & Top 25

IWF Review.

Max Heat v Jordan Wright (w/Joey Wright)

After ‘The Wright Stuff’ treated the crowd to their version of Love Me for A Reason, Jordan attempted to take the IWF Junior Academy Championship from the current holder Max Heat in a heated contest.  Wright looked to have picked up the title after hitting his patented Implant DDT but the arrogant Heat managed to roll his shoulder just before the three count.  Eventually, Heat hit a desperation Powerbomb that he turned into a Liontamer to defend his belt via submission.

Winner – Max HeatLee Kyle came out and berated IWF owner Eric Scarboro for, among other things, not granting him a shot at the IWF title.  Scarboro then introduced Kyle’s opponent…

Lee Kyle v The BoogDogg

Kyle spent much of the match toying with The BoogDogg (Boogie Knights as the RoadDogg) before going to work on his neck.  Knights managed to make a comeback and looked for his ‘People’s Elboog’.  However, Kyle soon trapped him in the Mamba Choke.  Boogie managed to bridge back into a pinning position to take the three count for a shock victory.  Knights seemed to tap out as the referee counted to three but the referee failed to spot this and, to the chagrin of Kyle, raised the arm of The BoogDogg.

Winner – The Boog Dogg

Shaun Avery v Liam ‘The Player’ Atkinson

These two technical masters punished each other with stiff strikes and holds as they looked for the victory that would take them closer to an IWF title shot.  Despite the best efforts of the always popular Avery, this night belonged to The Player as he turned a cross body block into an STF for a submission victory.

Winner – Liam ‘The Player’ Atkinson

Kyle came to the ring once more and explained that one half of the IWF Tag Team Champions Chris Prime has been forced to drop the belt as he will be spending the next six months in Australia.  Kyle then introduced Harry Pain’s new partner, Pac.

Pac and Harry Pain v Little Dragon and El Ligero

Pac, who suffered ‘Pac Sold Out’, chants from the crowd, worked tremendously well with Pain and they showed signs of becoming a great team.  They dominated Little Dragon for long periods with some stunning manoeuvres and it was to Dragon’s credit that he was able to withstand such abuse.  Eventually he managed to tag El Ligero who made a sterling comeback.  However, Pac and Pain proved successful as they both hit Shooting Star Presses onto Little Dragon for the victory.

Winners – Pac an Harry Pain

Assassin v Scotty Hexx v ‘Golden Boy’ Cameron Knite

This elimination match began with Hexx and Assassin double teaming ‘The Golden Boy’.  Hexx impressed with his innovative power moves and was unfortunate to be the first man eliminated when he was rolled up by Knite.  So, once more, Cameron Knite and Assassin went one on one and, once more, Assassin was successful.  After kicking out of Knite’s patented Triple Stunner, Assassin hit his Contract for the win, which left Knite wondering how he can come so close, so often, to beating the former IWF Champion without picking up the victory. Winner – Assassin


Jimmy Blade v Nick Damocles

Damocles, wrestling in a dress as a result of a previous stipulation, impressed tremendously in the biggest match of his career as he manhandled the popular champion as nobody has ever managed to do before.  In the end, Jimmy Blade’s experience won through as he escaped from Damocles’ Chokebreaker to hit his patented DDT for his second IWF title defence.

Winner – Jimmy Blade

Youngsta v ‘Vigilante’ Johnny Moss NWA-UK Champion

Moss made his IWF debut and found Youngsta in great form as the local boy came so close to making a huge name for himself when he hit The Vigilante with a TKO.  Unfortunately for the Two Time IWF Tag Team Champion, Moss was to catch him with a vicious German Suplex, which he followed up with a Diving Headbutt to claim a victory that emphatically stated his intention to jump straight into IWF title contention.

Winner – Johnny Moss

March 5th also saw the presentation of the 2nd Annual IWF awards.  The winners were:

Wrestler of the year – ASSASSIN

Match of the year – ASSASSIN v CAMERON KNITE (July 2nd)


Rookie of the Year – ‘BAD BOY’ JED MASTERS


Woman of the year – JETTA

Best Outside Talent – CAMERON KNITE

Show of the year – TOURNAMENT OF FAITH (Gateshead July 2nd)

Best Junior Academy Wrestler – MAX HEAT

Best Character – BOOGIE KNIGHTS

IWF NEWS – March 7th 2005

Next IWF Show is at St. Joseph’s Hall, Gateshead on April 9th.  More details later

This Sunday (13th March) will see the IWF present the latest of its Junior Academy Showcase shows at St. Joseph’s Hall.  Entry is free and belltime is 2pm.  Details of the card will follow in the next couple of days.

The IWF Women’s Championship has been declared vacant due to ongoing injury problems suffered by Champion Phoenix.  More on this situation in due course.

Due to return from injury soon are ‘Unbreakable’ Bobby Jackson, ‘Bad Boy’ Jed Masters, Ring of Faith Champion Weapon X and after missing the last year and a half through injury, rumours of the return of Howard Cohash are rife.

IWF’s Courtney Synn has been named girl of the month by

Lee Kyle has launched an official complaint to the IWF committee regarding the end of his match with Boogie Knights on Saturday.  Kyle feels that Knights tapped out before the three count.  Having studied the tape, results are inconclusive, but Kyle may have a case.

Both and have recently been updated.

IWF officials have reluctantly allowed Pac to replace Chris Prime as one half of the IWF Tag Team champions.

IWF Top 25

1.      Jimmy Blade – Second successful clean title defence.

2.      Assassin – Keeps winning the big matches.

3.      Johnny Moss – IWF debut brought victory over Youngsta.

4.      Liam ‘The Player’ Atkinson – Victory over Shaun Avery gives him a potential IWF title shot.

5.      Harry Pain – Fast becoming an IWF Tag Team great.

6.      Pac – May not have earned his IWF Tag Team belt, but is determined to keep it.

7.      ‘Unbreakable’ Bobby Jackson – Missed the last show through injury but great recent form keeps him in top ten.

8.      Youngsta – Came tantalisingly close to toppling The Vigilante

9.      Nick Damocles – Career making performance in his IWF Title match.

10.  Boogie Knights – Surprise win against Lee Kyle takes him into top ten

11.  ‘Bad Boy’ Jed Masters – Will expect to return to top ten after injury has healed.

12.  ‘Golden Boy’ Cameron Knite – Still seeking that elusive first victory over Assassin.

13.  Shaun Avery – A big fall after losing crunch match against The Player

14.  Max Heat – Junior Champ keeps racking up wins

15.  Little Dragon – Again, so close to picking up the Tag titles

16.  Scotty Hexx – Dominated Cameron Knite for long periods.

17.  El Ligero – Debutante impresses against Pain and Pac

18.  Lee Kyle – From number on contender to losing to Boogie Knights.

19.  Jordan Wright – Great effort against Max Heat

20.  RD Wood – Always in the Junior title hunt

21.  Weapon X – Ring of Faith Champ hopes to return soon.

22.  Joey Wright – Promising team mate of Jordan.

23.  Jonny Hogarth – Finding his niche as a Tag Team specialist.

24.  Robbie Ryder – The former Dave Heat is trying to escape from Max’s shadow.

25.  Paul Dolby – D-Unit member returns and will be looking for Junior Title shot.

Dan Lewis