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FWA News Update 12/03/05



After reviewing a tape of the controversial FWA British Heavyweight Title match at New Frontiers, FWA management has decided they will indeed grant ‘The Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm a rematch for the FWA Title at the earliest available opportunity.

Acting managing director Elisar Cabrera personally authorised this decision. Sources tell us that he feels personally responsible for the contractual oversight that indirectly caused Alex Shane to beat Jonny Storm at New Frontiers, when at first it appeared that we had a new champion.

Cabrera was recently ‘hauled over the coals’ at an FWA shareholders’ meeting after the shambolic nature of the British Heavyweight Title match at New Frontiers.  He was also ordered to get to the bottom of the mystery of the Broxbourne attacker, who has been going round blindsiding FWA stars backstage during recent shows – for which investigations are ongoing.

At this heated meeting, Cabrera was apparently reminded that his status is only as ‘acting’ managing director and the FWA is actively seeking someone to fill the post permanently – and unless things improve, that replacement will not be Mr Cabrera.

Elisar responded by making several quick decisions.  First, he authorised for Storm to be granted a rematch.

Secondly, he called Alex Shane in to ensure ‘The Showstealer’ signed a cast-iron contract to make the new FWA British Title rules official and permanent.  Now all future FWA British Title matches will be best of one fall and there will be no further Shane shenanigans on that score. With Commissioner Flash Barker still on paternity leave, this new contract contained no stipulation for the title to change hands on a DQ – a clause Barker had pushed for. Unsurprisingly, the smug champ was quite happy to put pen to paper.

Thirdly, and perhaps most controversially, Elisar has appointed Jane Childs as his new Executive Assistant. Ms Childs was apparently ‘extremely helpful’ to Elisar backstage at New Frontiers, particularly when pacifying an irate Zebra Kid as he smashed up the locker room after his father Ricky Knight turned on him following ZK’s victory over Chris Hero. It is recognised that Mr Cabrera needs to delegate more responsibilities within the FWA, but time will tell whether Ms Childs is the best choice for the job.

Finally, Elisar has authorised the Internal Investigations Team looking into the Broxbourne Attacker situation to offer a £5,000 reward to anyone who can give them information leading to the successful identification and apprehension of the culprit responsible for the recent backstage attacks on Jack Xavier and Mark Sloan.

It is expected that the Internal Investigations Team will make a statement on this serious situation very shortly.  As soon as that statement is issued, we will bring it to you at


Alex Shane’s interview with The Daily Star, where he responds to comments made by Raven last week, has been delayed until next Saturday. This means his remarks will be published on the same day as he steps into the ring with the former ECW Heavyweight Champion at The Wrestling Channel Supershow.

Expect Shane to have some strong words for his March 19 foe, who last week taunted ‘The Showstealer’ over his lack of success against American opposition. Patrick Lennon, Daily Star reporter, told that the FWA British Heavyweight Champion has indeed responded directly to these accusations but Mr Lennon intends to keep what Shane said as a closely-guarded secret until his Fighting Talk column is published next Saturday.

Whatever Alex’s views are, expect them to add fuel to his developing rivalry with Raven just hours before what could be one of the biggest matches of the FWA Champion’s career.


The FWA regrets to announce that ‘American Dragon’ Bryan Danielson has pulled out of his scheduled date at Crunch because his father is seriously ill. We wish all the best to Bryan and his family during this difficult time.


Stevie Knight switched on FWA TV on The Wrestling Channel last night and to his horror, discovered that his tag team partner ‘The Specialist’ Mark Sloan has been given a match against Max Voltage in the FWA Flyweight Tournament at Morecambe.

Voltage v Sloan was announced on television last night, and will be a First Round match in the first-ever FWA Flyweight Tournament.  And it was the first that Steve Knight, or this website, knew that Sloan was even interested in being part of the tournament…let alone participating.

If you recall, Knight has pledged to make the weight in the Flyweight division and coveted a match on Saturday March 26 against Voltage for himself.  However, as Knight remains well over a stone over the Flyweight limit of 13 stone (182lbs), management are still not prepared to give ‘The Shining Light’ a place in the tournament.  Knight had hoped to be given more time to shed the poundage on his current self-professed ‘gruelling fitness regime’, but the Sloan announcement has thrown a real spanner in his plans.

We’ve learned that ‘The Specialist’ visited FWA management this week, with his EntouRAGE in tow, and explained that he wanted the opportunity to become the FWA’s first ever Triple Crown Singles Champion.  As a former FWA Champion and All-England Champion, by entering the Flyweight tournament Sloan would have a unique chance to be the only man ever to win all three FWA singles belts.

It seems that FWA bosses were intrigued by this historic suggestion. So after a weigh-in, where the FWA Academy trainer tipped the scales at 12 stone 12-and three-quarter pounds (just under 181lbs), the decision was finalised.  At Morecambe, it will be Mark Sloan v his pupil Max Voltage, and alongside Spud v Jack Storm, these will be the first two matches in the FWA Flyweight Tournament.

But what of Steve Knight?  This is bound to increase the tension between ‘The Shining Light’ and his partner that has been prevalent in recent months. There has been plenty of one-upmanship going on between the odd couple of the FWA of late, and Sloan’s cheeky piece of opportunism seems to have been yet another example of this.

In other Morecambe news, Stevie Lynn and The Manchester Massive have been added to the card for FWA Live at the Dome- ‘The War On The Shore’ – on Easter Saturday March 26.

Lynn was the talk of the FWA after his spectacular main show debut at New Frontiers, when he pinned Mark Sloan after delivering a death-defying shooting star press. FWA management were suitably impressed with Lynn to offer him a long-term contract and a match on March 26.

As of yet, Lynn’s opponent has not been announced. There was originally speculation that, as Lynn weighs in at 12 stone 11 lbs (179lbs), just under the Flyweight limit, he could have been pitched into the Flyweight Tournament first round as the opponent for Max Voltage. But of course, recent developments prove this not to be the case.

However, there are still four spots remaining in the first round of the Flyweight Tournament, so maybe Lynn will receive his chance in future – certainly having already beaten Mark Sloan he would appear to have a strong case for inclusion. As at least one more Flyweight First Round match is expected to take place at FWA Crunch on April 16 in Broxbourne, perhaps Lynn will be part of that. As for his Morecambe opponent, we hope to have more news very soon.

As for The Manchester Massive, their main spokesman Declan O’Connor has apparently issued an open challenge for any FWA star to meet him one on one at ‘War On The Shore’. Obviously Declan, Joey Hayes and Donna are looking to quickly redeem themselves after their debut at New Frontiers proved to be less than ‘chav-tastic’.

FWA Live in Morecambe – ‘The War On The Shore’ comes to you on Easter Saturday, March 26 from the Morecambe Dome in Lancashire. The box office number for tickets is 01524 582803.

Already signed for War On The Shore are the following matches:

FWA All-England Title Match
The South City Thriller’ Hade Vansen v Raven

Tag Team Grudge Match
‘The Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm and Aviv Maayan v James Tighe and Mark ‘Five Star’ Belton

The First Ever FWA Flyweight Title Tournament – First Round
Spud v Jack Storm
Max Voltage v ‘The Specialist’ Mark Sloan

FWA Manchester Guest Match
The Manchester Massive Open Challenge
Declan O’Connor v ?

PLUS – Dr Dirk Feelgood, Stevie Lynn and of course (drum roll, please) THE WORLD FAMOUS MORECAMBE RAFFLE!!!!!

The box office for FWA Live in Morecambe is now open. Tickets cost £16 for front row ringside, £10 for adults, £7.50 for children (16 or under) and £30 for a family ticket.  You can also purchase tickets for an afternoon Fan Slam at the Waterfront Bar, adjacent to the Dome, at the box office, at a cost of £4.50 (£5 on the door). The Fan Slam will be hosted by Greg ‘The Truth’ Lambert with his special guests including Raven.  As the Waterfront Bar is licensed premises, this Fan Slam is only open to fans aged 18 or over, or fans aged 14-17 accompanied by an adult.

The Fan Slam starts at 4.30pm and will last for around 90 minutes.  Doors are at 7pm and the show starts at 7.30pm.


WWE superstar Rob Van Dam will rub shoulders with the stars of the Frontier Wrestling Alliance at the London Expo – the huge celebrity collectors fair coming from the humongous London Ex-Cel Centre, Royal Victoria Dock, on the weekend of May 14 and 15.

The show will feature several FWA matches, including FWA British Heavyweight Champion ‘The Showstealer’ Alex Shane. Names of other wrestlers who are competing will be announced shortly, including a major international star name.

Other guests will include former WWE World Heavyweight champion Jim ‘The Ultimate Warrior’ Hellwig, former WBC Heavyweight boxing champion Frank Bruno, Mr Spock from Star Trek Leonard Nimoy, Hercules star Kevin Sorbo and the gorgeous Wayne’s World babe Tia Carerre.

Log on to for full details of this mega event.


The FWA is about to announce several more dates for 2005 across the UK, at venues they have never visited before!

As of yet, details remain sketchy but we hope to have more news of these extra dates in our next news update on


For FWA Live at the Southbury Leisure Centre in Enfield on Saturday, May 7 and for FWA Carpe Diem at the Corn Exchange, Ipswich on Sunday, May 8 next weekend. Tickets for both shows will be available to buy through FWA On-Line Box Office as well as through a telephone box office number.


FWA Crunch comes to you from the Broxbourne Civic Hall on Saturday, April 16 2005.  The box office number is 01992 441946.

Tickets are also available through the FWA On-Line Box Office.  Click the link on the homepage for full details of how to book your tickets and for a seating plan of the tickets available through On-Line Box Office.

Tickets cost £35 for Gold Ringside, £25 for Silver Ringside, £15, £10 and £20.  Anyone purchasing a Gold or Silver Ringside ticket through FWA On-Line Box Office will receive a free downloadable video from a selection of FWA releases.

Doors open to Gold and Silver Ringside ticket holders at FWA Crunch at 5.40pm, for a dark match, and then at 6pm to all other ticket-holders.  The show will commence at 6.30pm.

Already signed for FWA Crunch are the following:

Jody Returns to the Ring
The Phoenix’ Jody Fleisch v Mark ‘Five Star’ Belton

More matches for Crunch will be announced in the coming weeks.