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FCW "Walsall Town Brawl" News Update 15/03/05

FCW “Walsall Town Brawl” News Update 15/03/05

Well it’s not long now till FCW’s biggest show of the year so far. This Friday we make our debut at The Walsall Town Hall for the “Walsall Town Brawl” show.

Three more matches have been added to the show to whet your appetites even more.

Ever since debuting for FCW back in November, Chad Collyer has had problems with PL4Y. Firstly on his debut he suffered a singles defeat to “The Sensation Of The Nation” Rob Hunter. Collyer however, gained a measure of revenge last month when he and Spud advanced to the Semi-Finals of the FCW Tag Team Tournament, knocking out the team of Morales and Rob. At “Walsall Town Brawl” this Friday, the “Tomcat” Kevin O’Neil will face Collyer and show that his victory was a mere fluke. O’Neil will be looking for a victory going into his FCW Title match against Laken Xander in Holland 2 days later.

Recently, “High Impact” Sam Green has been spotted sitting at ringside during several FCW events. He has been unable to actively compete because of a stipulation made last year that prevented him from performing for 12 months. During his time as a spectator he has gotten into a couple of spats with The Judge and Marc Hogan. On both times, Green came out on time as the crowd cheered “welcome back”. Now his 12 months is up and he is ready to step back in the FCW ring. His opponent? A-Star Athlete! It was PL4Y that got the stipulation to get rid of Sam, now Sam aims to make up for lost time.

A Tag Team match has been signed. It will see the team of the FCW Champion – Laken Xander and Spud take on the duo of Rob Hunter and Morales. The rivalry between Spud and Morales is well documented, though Morales is still refusing to face Spud in singles competition. Likewise, Rob Hunter is still seething that he never received his title re-match after losing to Laken back in October. All 4 men will be itching to gain the pinfall, Laken would love to pin Rob to shut him up. Rob would love to pin Laken as he beleives he should still be the champion. Morales would love to pin Spud to show the world he doesn’t fear him, and Spud would love to pin Morales as small retribution for the past few months.

More matches will be announced shortly.