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Matt Hardy denies rumours of the situation with Lita being a “work”

Punk band Seven Seconds’ official website posted a picture of Matt Hardy and Amy “Lita” Dumas together at a concert of theirs last Thursday. Given the current coverage over their personal problems, it is an interesting development.

However, Matt Hardy has been quick to shoot down any rumors of a “work” after the photo of he and Lita made the rounds. Here is what he had to say:

“Since I figured Amy and I attending the 7 seconds show would eventually come out, here is the deal. Amy and I talked about some things that night and went to the show. Kevin Seconds asked us to take a picture with him, which we gladly did. Remember my post about mistakes? As far as not attending events, no one has ever been worried about Amy and I getting into a physical confrontation. Like I said before, as upset as I may be with Amy, I obviously still care and hopes she clears her head–for her sake. I wish all of this was a work. Matt”