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Sharmell Sullivan Possibly Joining WWE

Booker T’s real life wife Sharmell Sullivan, who was known best as Paisley and a Nitro Girl in WCW, is apparently being brought back for at least a few weeks in an angle with Heidenrich and Booker T. The planned storyline will be a kidnapping angle of some sort.

Sharmell was shown quite a bit on camera on Smackdown on Thursday not to mention that Tazz actually brought up her past as a Nitro Girl. Also, on, they have a photo of her from Smackdown. Considering that they showed “a fan” so prominently on TV and they rarely do that, there had to be an ulterior motive. When Booker’s match was done, she wasn’t at her seat anymore, so thus she was actually a part of the show and not really as a fan.

Sharmell has previous experience in WWE in that she was a backstage announcer in late 2001 and early 2002 on Smackdown while training to eventually come become a wrestler. Unfortunately, she broke her ACL in April 2002 while wrestling for Ohio Valley Wrestling and in the summer of 2002 Sharmell was fired while injured along with some other developmental wrestlers in a cost cutting measure.

Sullivan was a valedictorian in high school not to mention a former Miss Black America. She wed Booker T last month and was said to be running his clothing store in Texas while he was away on the road. It looks like Booker T will need to hire a new person, for at least a few weeks.