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Carl Mizzery Interview

This week I got the chance to catch up with returning UK scene regular: Carl Mizzery…

This week I got the chance to catch up with returning UK scene regular: Carl Mizzery…

Hi Carl, We’ll start up telling everyone who you are, could you tell us how long you have been wrestling?

Yeah, I wrestle under the name of ‘Carl Mizzery’ and I’ve been wrestling for 7 years.

Could you tell us how you started?

I was a big wrestling fan from about the age of 10, and as I got older me and a few friends decided to buy a video camera and start backyarding infront of it [Laughs] very silly I know! After doing that for a bit I came across an advert in a wrestling magazine about a wrestling school (KSW) so I decided to attend Kstar’s first ever wrestling class in 1998.

And how was that first class?

I remember Steve Logan telling me that I was taking to it faster than the rest of the guys, which made me very happy [Laughs], I really enjoyed it, but when I got home I couldn’t move for days everywhere ached like hell!

Do you think that first week of muscle ache is the most important time for a wrestler?

I don’t know about it being important but it’s certainly a small test to see how much you want it. When I first started I wanted to be a wrestler more than anything, I don’t think broken limbs would have stopped me [Laughs].

Any regrets?

Not as yet as far as wrestling goes because I love most aspects of it.

You have recently returned to wrestling after a break, apart from any personal reasons were there any professional reasons for taking a break?

No not really to be honest, but I’m glad I did take the time out, as it gave me the opportunity to put a lot of things to do with wrestling into perspective.

This leaves you with your return to KSW, how has that been going?

Superb! I’m loving it at the moment, I’m getting on with everyone and there some really cool guys there at the mo’ and the two KSW shows I’ve done have been amazing!

You are also concentrating on your independent career, if anyone wants to see you in action, which promotions should they look out for?

[Thinks for a moment] HCW, RPW, PPW, Jack Taylor Promotions, BRAWL, ACW and Sports Structures.

Some believe that Individual careers are more important than the promotions, do you subscribe to this?

A lot of workers want to make it big, so they push themselves rather than the promotion, which I can understand, but it’s wise to help your home promotion as much as possible.

Are you hoping to be seen on TV?

I’ve already appeared on TV for a small regional channel called Northampton TV, but yeah, hopefully in the future I’ll get the opportunity to work on TV again.

How would you describe your style?

Lots of people would call me a high flyer but I’d like to think I do a bit of everything.

An ‘all-rounder’ then, has your style been developed over time and who were the influences in your development?

I’d definitely say it developed when I first started wrestling. I’d mark out to my favourite wrestlers, but, as time went on and Internet nerds through criticisms my way, I developed my own style and my influences were the Dynamite Kid, Owen Hart, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Shawn Michaels and Christian.

So the Internet took a part in the way you developed, albeit through criticism?

No, not really. I knew in myself that I had to change my style at some point but I was just having fun and enjoying myself. As I said, I knew I had to change it to improve and get a reputation as a good worker. I was also very young when I started, so when I matured more I found my own style.

So would it be fair to say that as a wrestler continues his or her career, they mature and develop a more solid style?

I would say that was the case with me, I’m not sure about other workers, but it was like that with me.

One more serious question before we turn to the pop questions, what is the most important piece of advice you could give to someone who wants to take up wrestling?

Be careful who you listen to and don’t judge other people in the business by other people’s views, you should always keep a clear head.

Desert Island, whose wrestling book would you take to read?

Ric Flair’s.

Which wrestler would you take to talk to?


Which one would you take to train with?

Eddie Guerrero or Shawn Michaels

Is there anything you would like to say to the wrestling fans in internetland?

Yeah, check out my web site WWW.MIZZERY.2YA.COM!

Cheap plug Carl… cheap plug!

[Laughs] I know!

Thanks for the Interview Carl and good luck for the future.