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4FW Results

4FW Results

‘All Eyez On Me’ David Sharp def. Dean Christ via pinfall.

Tex Benedict def. Ruff Ryder via pinfall.

Team H8 (Gideon and Jake Jeckel) def. The Saint and ‘Pure’ Lee Class.

Lamia def. Angel Gonzales.

‘State Of The Art’ Leon Lionheart def. Stu Odyssey.

Vyrus def. Gino.

Dennis Avis def. Alex Steele via DQ.

The Gauntlet Battle Royal survivors were…
‘State of the art’ Leon Lionheart, David Sharp, Dean Christ and Alex
(These four will battle in a Double Jepordy match at the next show for
the 4FW Interfront Championship)

4FW Title Match
The Mailman def. Ashton Brown to become the new 4FW champion.