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IWF UPCOMING, Gateshead 9th April v 3CW

IWF UPCOMING, Gateshead 9th April v 3CW

The IWF Return to St. Joseph’s Hall, Gateshead (Next to Gateshead Metro Station) on Saturday 9th April.  Tickets cost £4 and are available from Gateshead Photographic and the Newcastle Wrestling Store.  Bell time is 7pm.

Unfortunately, this show will also feature performers from Middlesborough based company 3PW.  It is hoped that the rivalry between the two companies will come to a head on this night.  The feud began when 3PW’s Chris Whitton made a guest appearance on an IWF Junior Academy Showcase show and, after scoring a tainted victory in a non-title match over IWF Junior Academy Champion Max Heat ran off with the belt.  Not only that, but young Max was attacked by a group of 3PW ‘wrestlers’ who ran away like little girls once members of the main IWF roster entered the ring to even up the odds.

As a result, the entire IWF gatecrashed a 3PW show and gave them a taste of their own medicine but rather than run away in the style of 3PW instead stood in the middle of their ring daring them to attack. 

The IWF then took on 3PW in Middlesborough last Friday, and although 3PW ended the show 4-3 up, the general consensus among the IWF crew is that if they perform to somewhere approaching their true capabilities in front of their own fans then there is every reason to believe that 3PW will be sent back home with their tails between their legs.

The first three members of the IWF team have been named and they are IWF Champion JIMMY BLADE, Former IWF Champion ASSASSIN and LEE KYLE.  The rest of the team should be announced early next week.

Blade and Assassin were obvious choices as team members, but Kyle has been somewhat out of form as of late and was left out of the squad for the original IWF v 3PW show.  Why was he one of the first selections on this occasion?  IWF owner Eric Scarboro said the following.

“Although Lee Kyle has recently suffered a shock defeat to Boogie Knights and can hardly be described as being in the form of his life, he does have a lot of experience and, as his four and half years in the company prove, he is IWF through and through.  Lee also has a good track record of winning on the rare occasions when the crowd is with him rather than against him and, as his victory in his match on February’s IWF v Hammerlock show proves, he is at his best in pressure situations.”

Thus far 3PW have only confirmed the name of one squad member thus far, that being 3PW Champion ICE XVII