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Live Wrestling In Exeter, Devon On Friday 8th April 2005

Live Wrestling In Exeter, Devon On Friday 8th April 2005

Live Wrestling Spectacular
Friday 8th April 2005
Topsham, Exeter, Devon

With live wrestling being somewhat of a rarity of South-West England, it brings Revolution British Wrestling great pleasure to be putting on our first event in this area on Friday 8th April in Topsham, Exeter, Devon.

RBW are usually located around the London area, with occasional events having taken place in recent years in the counties of Cambridgeshire, Derbyshire, Hertfordshire, Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire and others, yet as 2005 began we opened the RBW Exeter Training Centre, which has seen a large number of people begin their training in the hopes of becoming a professional wrestler in years to come. A small selection of those will be competing in this event in their debuts, which we hope will be impressive.

Alongside the new Exeter wrestlers are some of Britain’s best including the always-controversial “Flying” Phil Powers, the former British Welterweight Champion and runner-up RBW Wrestler of the Year 2004 Sammy Ray, the arrogant American welterweight Tex Benedict and the current main trainer at the RBW Exeter Training Centre, the globetrotting international star, the UK Kid.

With the show one week away, we urge local wrestling fans and potential wrestling fans alike to come down to this event and see some of the highest quality British-style wrestling around and an entertaining evening out.

The Card

UK Kid vs Sammy Ray
Singles Contest

The UK Kid is one of the select few wrestlers who has managed to have a successful career both in Great Britain as well as abroad. The UK Kid began his career in the UK, turning pro at 16. At the age of just 18, he moved to San Antonio, Texas, where he trained and graduated at the wrestling training school of famous American wrestler, WWE superstar, Shawn Michaels.

For the following years, the UK Kid wrestled extensively for over seventeen promotions in the USA, whilst sometimes returning to the UK to compete over here for various tours. At the age of 20, the UK Kid became a trainer himself in America, and around the same time, worked alongside some of the biggest names in American independent wrestling.

Having now returned to Great Britain, the UK Kid has become a main trainer at the RBW Exeter Training Centre, helping a new generation of up-and-coming wrestlers into the sport.

In his first contest back for RBW, the UK Kid has been given a more-then-capable competitor in former British Welterweight Champion, Sammy Ray.

The runner-up RBW Wrestler of the Year 2004 has started off 2005 well, defeating the controversial “Flying” Phil Powers in recent competition, and looks keen to gain some championship gold around his waist once again.

“Flying” Phil Powers vs To Be Confirmed
Open Challenge/Singles Contest

The evening of Saturday 24th July 2004 will be forever remembered for the shocking events of a British Welterweight Championship contest between the reigning Champion, Sammy Ray and challenger, “The Gift” Ross Jordan in Chingford, London. Refereeing the contest was British wrestler “Flying” Phil Powers, who was making his first RBW appearance. Powers was already known as being controversial in his own right in the past, yet a touching speech made by him in relation to the recent death of British wrestling veteran and TV actor “Bomber” Pat Roach saw a different side to Powers, or so we thought.

Having officiated all of the evening’s contests, Phil Powers called every match right down the middle, being impartial to all competitors. The contest took place, with both wrestlers wrestling competitively. Some cheating behind the back of Powers’ back by Ross Jordan saw him retrieve the Championship belt, bringing it into the ring with the intention of assaulting Sammy Ray with it. However he was cut short by Powers who snatched the belt from him and started a heated argument between the two, and then to a huge shock, Powers hit Sammy Ray with it, allowing Ross Jordan an easy pinfall victory and the Championship was won.

Moments later, Phil Powers unveiled his reasons for doing what he did, claiming that he here to take over RBW and to get rid of wrestlers who represent things that are wrong with British wrestling, with his first port of call being Sammy Ray.

It took Powers almost eight months before facing Sammy Ray but when he did his temper was still there, and despite after loosing, he claimed that he’d never compete in RBW again, he has asked for another contest. RBW matchmakers have agreed to his request, making this contest an open challenge for any RBW wrestlers to step up and face Powers in a singles bout.

Riccardo Young vs Dave Maverick
Singles Contest

Having both been trained by the likes of Johnny Kidd, Jorge Castano, Robbie Brookside, Sammy Ray and others, at the RBW London Training Centre, these two young wrestlers are far from strangers.

Riccardo Young’s career path has notably seen him in tag team competition with partner Bobby Hostile as the Project Future tag team in recent months, which has seen the two emerge as two of the most popular wrestlers in RBW, which is quite an achievement for the two new wrestlers.

For Dave Maverick, things have only just started to move. Having competed in several Battle Royals and some singles contests, Maverick has shown a great amount of promise, using his size advantage over most of his opponents.

Young and Maverick recently clashed in tag team action in Finchley, London, with the Project Future team narrowly overcoming Maverick and his partner “Sadistic” Jack Storm.

With Young looking to raise the singles ranks as well as the tag team ranks and Maverick hungry for revenge, this could prove to be an exciting contest between two wrestlers who could be Britain’s best in years to come.

Tex Benedict vs Jules Redman
Singles Contest

For Tex Benedict, impressing is always on his mind, and despite loosing his first contest of 2005 against technical mastermind Johnny Kidd in the British Heavyweight Championship Tournament, he still managed to bounce back a week later to defeat the international star Neil Faith, despite having a huge disadvantage in size compared to Faith.

Benedict seems certain that Championship gold will be coming his way in 2005 in some way or another, and with him being a strong contender in most weight divisions, it would seem that this is far from impossible.

It may seem like an easy night-off for Benedict, as he has been put against one of the most impressive young wrestlers to come out of the RBW Exeter Training Centre, Jules Redman. For Redman, it’s anything but a night-off, with him anxiously wanting to prove himself in his first outing in a wrestling ring.

The local audience will almost undoubtedly be behind Redman in this bout, but will he be able to defeat the crafty American or will Benedict add another win to his record book?

Battle Royal
Elimination Contest

The evening is set to be rounded off with a Battle Royal elimination contest, with all of the wrestlers entering the ring at the start, with the winner being the last wrestler left in the ring.

This contest will feature all of the wrestlers from the evening’s show, plus a number of young wrestlers that have graduated from our Exeter and London training centres.

Show Details

Date: Friday 8th April 2005

Venue: Mathews Hall, Fore Street, Topsham, Exeter, Devon, EX3 0HF

Times: Doors open at 6.30pm. Show starts at 7.00pm. Show ends at around 9.00pm.


Front Row (All Ages) – £9.00
Adults – £8.00
Concessions (Children Under 16, Senior Citizens and Disabled) – £6.00
Family Ticket (2 Adults & 2 Children Under 16) – £25.00

Reservation Methods:

Telephone – 07950 576063
SMS Text Message – 07950 576063
E-Mail –
In Person – Tickets for all events are available at all RBW training sessions and other RBW live events.

Tickets are also available on the evening of the event.

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