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List of WWE Stars Left off Wrestlemania

Here’s the list of WWE stars that were completely left off Wrestlemania all together and weren’t even in the battle royal.

From Raw …

Eric Bischoff
Garrison Cade (coming soon)
Ivory (Hosted WWE Experience)
Mark Henry (Injured)
Matt Hardy (personal problems)
Molly Holly (did appear at outdoor WM Fan Frenzy)
Steven Richards (injured)
Todd Grisham (Hosted WWE Experience)
Victoria (see Molly)

From Smackdown …

Bubba Ray Dudley (coming back any week soon)
D-Von Dudley (ditto)
Chavo Guerrero (injured)
Dawn Marie
Hiroko (if Kenzo is off tv, she’s off)
Jesus (neck injury)
Josh Mathews (selling Smackdown beating)
Kenzo Suzuki (collapsed lung)
Lauren Jones
Rochelle (employment status in question)
Shannon Moore (recovering from car crash)
Theodore Long

WWE did a pretty good job of getting most everybody that wasn’t injured involved with Wrestlemania one way or another. They never have general managers on Wrestlemania. Bischoff and Long know that and they don’t mind as the’ve admitted that the focus should be on the wrestlers.

Dawn Marie wasn’t one of the seven divas to escort a Hall of Famer despite being a major fan of 80’s wrestlers. This will be the third straight Wrestlemania in which she was completely left off of.