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Listing Of WM Battle Royal Participants + The Rock

There was a battle royal held at Wrestlemania despite it not being aired on either Sunday Night Heat or during the PPV composed of your favorite Sunday Night Heat and Velocity stars. WWE boasts such a large roster that at least half the wrestlers have to be left off major PPVs, but this battle royal was a good way to get a huge group of wrestlers involved.Raw wrestlers wore red shirts and Smackdown wrestlers blue shirts. 28 wrestlers competed, 14 from each brand.

From Raw, the participants were Simon Dean, William Regal, Tajiri, La Resistance, Gene Snitsky, Hurricane, Rosey, Chris Masters, Viscera, Rhyno, Val Venis, Tyson Tomko, Maven.

From Smackdown the wrestlers were Booker T, Paul London, Heidenreich, Spike Dudley, Nunzio, Funaki, Doug Basham, Danny Basham, Orlando Jordan, Mark Jindrak, Luther Reigns, Scotty 2 Hotty, Hardcore Holly, Charlie Haas and Akio.

Booker T was the winner as he last eliminated Chris Masters and the monsterous Viscera clad in a red short. Booker was the biggest star to not appear on Wrestlemania so this was a nice gesture on the creative team’s part to have him win. Expect to see this as a an extra in the forth coming DVD.

Also, The Rock was at the annual post-Wrestlemania party. He is not under contract to WWE but he in still on good terms with them. It did help that Wrestlemania was in Hollywood this year as it was nearby from his movie filmings.