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WWE Diva News – Stacy Heel Turn, SD Diva Gone and more

Stacy Keibler has been asked to turn heel as management has felt that her face character has run it’s course for the time being.

Brunette Rochelle Loewen is still involved with the company as she was involved with Wrestlemania promotions. Meltzer is reporting that Lauren Jones is no longer with the company though. Lauren was the unusual looking blonde girl on Smackdown.

The shapely Stephanie McMahon made an all-too rare WWE television appearance as she was seen seated next to her husband Triple H at the WWE Hall of Fame 2005 ceremony in a low cut black dress. WWE still has yet to acknowledge their
marriage, at least on television. Linda McMahon and Shane’s wife Marissa, who had a coffee cup stint in 2000 as host of “WWF Livewire”, were also in attendance.

The former Paisley, Sharmell Sullivan, was shown on Smackdown last week giving Booker T a pep talk. It looks like she’ll be a character for at least a few weeks. Storyline plans are for her to be kidnapped by Heidenreich sooner rather than later.

Ohio Valley Wrestling girls Alexis Laree and Jillian Hall are getting frustrated in that they haven’t been called up to the WWE yet. They thought that their recent breast augmentations would be their ticket to WWE stardom, but that hasn’t happened and their is no indication for them even being on the radar of a WWE callup.

Laree has been plodding in OVW since the summer of 2003 and is expected to be called up one day. Most think Hall will never make it as she doesn’t really have the typical WWE Diva look, although she has improved her look drastically over the past year or so.

When MNM (Johnny Nitro, Joey Mathews and Melina Perez) start WWE TV, Melina is expected to get over huge as she’s improved her poise at ringside.