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FWA News Update – 6/04/05


James Tighe has boasted long and loud that he can make Aviv Maayan tap out but as yet he has failed every single time.  At FWA Crunch, he will perhaps get his final opportunity to make good on his prediction…and his obsession.

Although he has failed to make the Welsh youngster quit, Tighe has found other ways to defeat Maayan in their recent singles and tag team matches.  However, these victories have failed to satisfy the surly wrestling machine.  So recently Tighe went to FWA matchmakers and demanded another one-on-one matchup with Aviv, telling officials that this time he guarantees to make Maayan tap out.

But it seems that Aviv is getting really fed up with Tighe taking him so lightly and treating him with such disrespect.  Maayan has pushed James all the way in their close-fought battles and sources close to the Red Dragon say that he is sick and tired of hearing Tighe’s boasts and claims. 

Earlier this week we learned that Maayan had arranged a private meeting with ‘The Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm, another individual who hates Tighe with a passion.  Storm, now fully recovered from injuries caused by Tighe in a backstage attack at the TWC Supershow, broke off from training for his FWA British Heavyweight Title challenge at Crunch to offer Aviv some assistance in coming up with a way to make their adversary put his money where his mouth is.

After the meeting, Aviv himself approached FWA matchmakers and laid down a challenge to James Tighe.  At Crunch, Maayan has called Tighe out for a one-on-one match, with a stipulation.  It will be a normal singles match to a point; both men can win the match any way they choose; by pinfall, by making their opponent lose consciousness, by countout or disqualification, or by submission.  However, if Tighe fails to win by making Aviv Maayan tap out, he will have to perform a forfeit.  This forfeit will be of Aviv’s choosing, and you can bet your life that if the twisted mind of Jonny Storm has been consulted, this forfeit will be a good one for absolutely everybody except James Tighe. 

So to recap, any other result in this match other than a Tighe win by tap-out, would mean James would have to perform a forfeit decided by Aviv Maayan.  In other words, James could win by pinfall, and he would still have to do Aviv’s bidding….although the Welshman is surely too proud a man to just lie down and allow Tighe to cover him for the one-two-three, simply in order to humiliate him.  Make no mistake, Aviv not only wants to avoid tapping out – he wants to shut James Tighe’s mouth once and for all by beating him, and beating him convincingly.

When Tighe learned of Maayan’s challenge, he initially demanded to know exactly what the forfeit would be.  However, the master of the Texas Cloverleaf eventually agreed to sign the contract when his tag team partner Mark ‘Five Star’ Belton cheekily pointed out that if Tighe was so worried about the forfeit, then maybe he shouldn’t be so adamant that he can make Aviv tap.  After all, if Tighe makes good on his promise to force Maayan to quit, then the nature of the forfeit would be completely academic.

We at will try to speak to both Aviv Maayan and Jonny Storm in an attempt to discover exactly what this forfeit is.  In the meantime, one thing is certain.  At FWA Crunch, James Tighe simply has to make Aviv Maayan tap out, otherwise his future really doesn’t bear thinking about.  



FWA Crunch comes to you from the Broxbourne Civic Hall, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire on Saturday, April 16 2005.  The box office number is 01992 441946.

Tickets are also available through the FWA On-Line Box Office.  Click the link on the homepage for full details of how to book your tickets and for a seating plan of the tickets available through On-Line Box Office.

Tickets cost £35 for Gold Ringside, £25 for Silver Ringside, £15, £10 and £20.  Anyone purchasing a Gold or Silver Ringside ticket through FWA On-Line Box Office will receive a free downloadable video from a selection of FWA releases.

Doors open to Gold and Silver Ringside ticket holders at FWA Crunch at 5.40pm, for a dark match (‘Superstar’ Tony Sefton v Jack Storm), and then at 6pm to all other ticket-holders.  The show will commence at 6.30pm.

Already signed for FWA Crunch are the following:

 FWA Heavyweight Championship Three-Way Match

‘The Showstealer’ Alex Shane v ‘The Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm v ‘The Anarchist’ Doug Williams

Jody Returns to the Ring

‘The Phoenix’ Jody Fleisch v Mark ‘Five Star’ Belton

Family At War II

The Zebra Kid v Ricky Knight in a streetfight

Tap Out Challenge Match

James Tighe v Aviv Maayan

Non-Title Match

All England Champion ‘The South City Thriller’ Hade Vansen v Leroy Kincade

FWA Flyweight Tournament Semi-Final Match

Spud v Max Voltage

Tag Title Turmoil

Hampton Court – their fate decided

Dark Match

Tony ‘Superstar’ Sefton v Jack Storm


Tickets to FWA Live at the Southbury Leisure Centre, Enfield, on Saturday May 7.  Front Row is £15, £10 other. Doors 6.15pm.  Bell Time: 6.45pm. Approximate finish 9.30pm. Box office 07930 218 243.

Tickets are also on sale for this show through On-Line Box Office.