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ST: British patriotism

I must admit that, even though the matches were good, I felt a little let down by Wrestlemania this year, I’m sure there are a lot of people who believed that it was a great experience to be had by all and that it was the most entertaining thing until the next one…

I must admit that, even though the matches were good, I felt a little let down by Wrestlemania this year, I’m sure there are a lot of people who believed that it was a great experience to be had by all and that it was the most entertaining thing until the next one.

I look at things from a technical view, as I am still learning the game, I desperately watch wrestling for ideas and Wrestlemania is the place for grand ideas.

So what disappointed me? Well I cannot fault anything but that unnerving feeling that it was like any other pay per view, in fact I can go as far to say as similar to a Raw or Smackdown taping!

So the next thing for me is to begin to spend my hard-earned cash and find a way to get to Chicago for the next one right? Well apart from the fact I have a good musician buddy who lives in the Windy City (windy for it’s talking apparently, not its low pressure!) is a cheap and good time to go, but no, the real reason is me.

You see, I cannot stand to watch other people do things that I want to do, if it is another musician, if I was watching them all I would be thinking is, I wish I were doing that right now, wrestling is slightly different but very similar.

I’m not talking about the egotistical self-video-watching, I, like many people, dislike to see myself, I see “me” as a clumsy wrestler. Though I am forced to watch myself by my trainers, as they are correct in telling me that I can see how I should be able to improve myself.

What I did enjoy though is the TWO meet, as not only did I get to meet two other wrestlers, I also got to meet one of those illustrious fans who turn up to an event AND is an E-fan as well, so it was great insight into how he took the night in. Not going to say too much on that issue, as though it has to do with the UK Scene, it’s not really a “wrestling thing” strictly, but great fun, so hi guys if you are reading this!

The one thing I noticed about Wrestlemania was how insular it was, it set the tone very, very quickly as being a purely American product. Typically I had to sit there and have the American way rammed down my throat.

And this is the problem…

We’re not being British anymore in a lot of ways, Jamie Oliver spends a program telling us about the perils of junk food, ideas imported from America. Our television is being fired at us from the US, films, news, everything that we hold dear is being diluted away.

Including our wrestling, once upon a time we were the place to be if you want to learn how to wrestle, actually the UK is still the place to be if you want to learn to wrestle, just the big guns don’t let that one slip!

I really like Americans as a people, but sometimes their xenophobia can be exasperating, it has to be done the American way, as it has to be done the WWE way. Yet we are expected to be warm hosts to them, despite the fact they want to change our wrestling to theirs! Despite the fact that WWE is a supposedly world brand, it clings to it’s American roots like a baby that dares not upset its pram.

British wrestling is suffering, the traditionalists are called old fashioned by these American influenced kids, British wrestling can adapt, British ideology cannot! You put the American anti secret crap in a British show and audiences are going to just walk out, if not the wrestler’s first!

We are being watered down by idiots who think half a day’s wrestling under a named promotion or wrestler and they know everything they need to know about wrestling because they’ve seen all the series of tough enough!

Sorry pal, if this is you reading, you don’t know shit! Give up now!

I have a lot of time for people who want to learn to wrestle, or want to learn about wrestling, I have even more for people who recognise they are British and not an Americanised island.

Like I said, I have nothing against wrestling par se, but stop trying to interfere and control British wrestling as well!

So where does that leave the wrestling fan? Sitting on their lazy asses watching TV? Seriously folks, your wrestling trivia may be great, you may live by a wrestler or a wrestling name’s book, but there is always a fact you don’t know, a book that has just as legitimate argument for the other side and there is always another show on elsewhere!

You don’t have to go see WWE, you want to be an American, emigrate now, and stop being a burden on our national health!

Am I being unfair? Well no, not really, it would be like an American football company taking over Man Utd… oh wait… It would be like an American bank taking over a British one… damn, there again!

Perhaps it’s time for you to begin to be a little damn more patriotic eh? Get out from your rock T-Shirts, your Steve Austin cut jeans and go out and see some people put a show in action. You like a wrestler support him instead of talking about him on the net… at least he’s local and at least he honestly gives a damn about you, the British public.

Well I’ll straighten your shirt now…

As for “British shows” putting on American talent as “Best of British talent” stop it and please just sod off!

Stick a fork in me…