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UK Scene #167

Welcome one and all to another jolly outing in the UK grapple game. This column comes to you on a week where everyone is talking about Wrestlemania but to make sure you don’t forget about issues closer to home I will give you a comprehensive round up of the stories that are making the news this week…

Welcome one and all to another jolly outing in the UK grapple game. This column comes to you on a week where everyone is talking about Wrestlemania but to make sure you don’t forget about issues closer to home I will give you a comprehensive round up of the stories that are making the news this week.

On a personal note this week I reached the ripe old age of 21 this week and I would like to thank everyone for all their well wishes on TWO I really appreciated it guys. Also I skipped the country last weekend and went over to Belfast for the National Hospital Radio Awards where the station I help out at made the top 5 in two categories big up Truro Hospital Radio. Ok less of me and my diary of the week, lets get down to what you came for.

This weekend Exeter takes another step into becoming a city to come to if you want to watch wrestling as RBW promote their first show in the city. RBW first made the intentions clear at the end of last year by announcing the opening of a wrestling gym in Exeter which was opened a couple of months ago. The next step in the south west development of RBW is going to live shows in and around the city which start tonight (8/4).

The show brings a new venue into play with the Matthews Hall in Topsham playing host to the event so now that makes three venues you can go and see wrestling at with St. Georges Hall and the Riverside leisure centre already being run by WAW and All Star respectively. The card features an awesome main event with Sammy Ray going up against UK Kid with Flying Phil Powers and Tex Benedict on the under card it looks set to be an awesome event. I believe one of my good friends Shaun Carse will be making his debut for RBW in the rumble so it’s an event not to miss.

Jonny Storm is off on his travels again adding value to his name worldwide as he is currently completing a 10 day tour of the states. Jonny has been booked on various shows for IWA-MS and PWG who are two of the biggest and widely talked about indy feds in the US. Don’t worry though as Jonny will be back in time for FWA Crunch on April 16th to entertain the UK fans. Hopefully this will be one of Jonny’s last tours by himself in the US and that with the return this month of Jody Fleisch we can get them going out to do tours of the states together again. Zebra Kid will also be representing us abroad at the end of the month as he flies out to Norway to make his debut for NWF.

All Star are reporting on their website that Bret and Bruce Hart will be making a flying visit to the UK at the end of the month to attend an All Star show and watch their student T.J Wilson in action. TJ has extended his stay by three weeks so the brothers can visit in the UK. If I find out which event they will be attending I will be sure to let you know. TJ’s fiancée Nattie Neidhart who toured for All Star last summer is now off to Japan for six weeks but she is set to return to the UK with TJ this summer.

WAW are determined to mark their place in wrestling history as they keep on announcing new ground breaking matches and storylines. It’s a little while off but at “May Mayhem III” on May 28th Sweet Saraya will be leading team WAW in to battle against Greg Lambert’s team FWA for the British Inter-federation champion. The event takes place in the Littledown Centre in Bournemouth and should be one not to miss as the show is also headlined by Ashe defending his title against one of Britain’s top stars. The members of team WAW and FWA will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

We are now a week away from another big FWA event as they bring us “Crunch”, live from the Broxbourne Civic Hall on April 16th. This event is already destined to go down in history even before the first bell has run due to the event hosting the return to in ring action of Jody Fleisch as he goes one on one with Mark “5 star” Belton.

Alex Shane will have his hands full if he is to keep his FWA title as he has been signed in a three way against Doug Williams and Jonny Storm. Alex has beaten them both in individual matches but this is the first time Alex has had to defend his belt in a three way so could this be one step too far for the Showstealer? Or will relinquishing the ownership of FWA give Alex a new edge and focus that he needs to hang on to the title.

No American names have been announced for the event that I am aware of so will this be one of the FWA’s rare purely all British cards or will they sneak a US star in at last minute you will have to be in Broxbourne to find out.

I am glad to see IWW going from strength to strength at the moment and rising from the ashes. When IWW first burst on to the scene a couple of years ago now they created a huge buzz promoting big supercard events in Dublin featuring the best of UK and US talent. After 3 big shows they had to postpone some dates featuring Jerry Lynn due to poor ticket sales and since then hadn’t been heard of.

This changed though over the last 6 months as alongside the announcement of coming on board with the FWA to run the Irish FWA gym they released details of another huge supercard show on the day after the big TWC show. This again featured big named talent from the UK and US. On top of this they ran a weeks worth of events touring around various venues. This week IWW have confirmed they are here to stay by announcing a new series of events called “Gym Wars” which I hope will feature up and coming Irish talent and give Ireland a promotion they can be proud of with local home grown talent.

So that’s it for this week guys remember this Sunday (10/4) to tune in to TWC to see FWA’s “War on the shore” which is this weeks supercard and as always remember to check in with Saracen’s Tenet and Goldy’s awesome reports on the newsboard and newsletter.

Until next time,

Adam Sibley

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