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Real Deal Wrestling Results – Mableforth – 9/04/05

Real Deal Wrestling Results – Mableforth – 9/04/05

Venue: – Real Deal Wrestling from Mablethorpe
Date:  – Saturday 9th April, 2005

Sykes defended and retained his EAW title against Urban Warrior

Team Z def El Ligero and Scotty Hexx

Stevie Lynn def Zebra Kid

Stevie Knight vs Ricky Knight and Seraya vs Minx was turned into a mixed tag by RDW management.

Stevie and Minx came out on top and the 1st match has been signed for RDW’s next visit to Mablethorpe on the 3rd July.

Stevie Knight vs Ricky Knight one on one, if Stevie wins Seraya MUST BE Stevie’s slave for 72 hours.

Special Agent and Mikey Furiae lost to Aide Johnson and Jamie Idol after Jamie Idol pinned Special Agent.

At the end of the last match the referee was attacked by Special Agent and was unable to carry on and was going to be postponed but Sykes then came down to the ring wearing a referee shirt and explained that he held a referee’s license so as the main event could take place.

Main event – Mick Romeo vs Lionheart Dave Stewart – RDW Championship.

This match could have gone either way with Sykes giving two public warnings to Mick Romeo and one to Lionheart. Lionheart eventually got on top and hit Romeo with his finisher “the roar” but he didn’t hit it with full force and Romeo kicked out on a two count. Lionheart then went back to the top rope and hit Romeo a 2nd time with his finisher but to everyone’s surprise, Sykes refused to make the count.  Lionheart confronted Sykes and was met with a shove from Sykes and a quick roll-up by Romeo which was met by the quickest two count in history from Sykes. Lionheart managed to kick out at the last second and picked Romeo up and hit him with the most vicious DDT he then sprung to his feet and was hit with “The Sykeo Stunner” from Sykes who then dragged Romeo over Lionhearts limp body and then counted a quick 1 2 3 and declared Romeo the winner and new RDW Heavyweight Champion. Before the new champion and Sykes left they issued Lionheart a severe beating and then showed the crowd exactly what they thought of them.

A 20-man Battle Royal was won by Stevie Lynn.

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