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Big Stephanie McMahon news; More releases?, Even more major news on Hardy’s release

As first reported here, Matt Hardy’s release came as a surprise to many people backstage, especially since he is viewed as the victim in the situation with Edge and Lita. Nonetheless, WWE was legitimately perturbed with his decision to go public with the talk of the affair.

Unlike most entertainment sectors, WWE is not a fan of pro wrestling websites due to the fact that such entities have been known to “spoil” its plans. Traditionally, Internet press is well-respected as it is a great and often cost-effective new way to publicize details about a business. However, WWE has never been a fan and feels that Hardy “played into the hands of the dirtsheets” by having a friend reveal extensive details on the situation.

Stephanie McMahon will be attending tomorrow’s OVW tapings, which is certainly adding pressure to the developmental territory. Those who look good in front of Stephanie could earn a spot on the main roster, while those who are not impressive could become the latest victims of the WWE’s proverbial axe.