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More on Rhyno’s release; fellow superstars not happy & personal problems

The release of Rhyno isn’t likely to set well with his peers.

With the incident at the post-WrestleMania party, Rhyno gave management an excuse to release him, and it’s also come to light they were not high on Rhyno’s in-ring work, charisma and character in general.

Unfortunately for Rhyno, he is going through tough times personally right now, and the last thing he needed was to be made jobless. He and his wife are going through a difficult break-up which could see his wife taking their little daughter to Germany with her.

As previously reported, Rhyno snapped last week when his wife showed up to the Mania post party without their daughter.

Although Rhyno is facing difficulties right now, he, like Matt Hardy, could soon end up in TNA.